Why You Should Use TexSender Telegram Bulk Sender

Telegram Bulk Sender is something you must definitely use if you plan on doing Telegram marketing. As one of the most popular messaging apps, tapping into Telegram is essential for successful promotions.

Unfortunately, Telegram does not allow mass sending of private messages. You cannot send more than 20 messages in one minute. Otherwise, your messages will be detected as spam and you will be banned.

But there’s a way to send broadcasts and promotions to a large number of people. This is where TexSender is very useful for your business.

Why You Should Use the Bulk Sender

TexSender is a bulk sender software to send mass messages via Telegram Web from PC. With this software, you can still send private messages in a large number.

There are many advantages of using this software. Here are some of them.

1.  Bulk Customized Messages

TexSender allows you to send customized messages to many people at once. You simply have to import a contact list, then write a message and send it. Everyone on the list will receive it, whether you use phone numbers or Telegram username. You can also attach files such as audio, video, photos, PDF documents, and many more to your mass message. This is a very useful feature because if you use the Telegram app you cannot send a private message to many people at once.

2.  Telegram Filter

This software also has a Telegram Filter function. This filter cleans your phone contact list. It eliminates the numbers that don’t have a Telegram account so your messages are more properly targeted.

Firstly, use the IMPORT NUMBERS button to import your phone contacts from a CSV or TXT file. The numbers listed must have the country code. After that, click START FILTER and the program will separate the numbers that have a Telegram account from those who do not.

3.  Group Scraper

Group Scraper is a function that enables you to extract the username of the people in your Telegram groups. After TexSender gets the usernames, you can create lists of users that you can always contact. Then, send the messages to the usernames listed.

4.  Find Potential Customers

Telegram Scraper software can be used to retrieve telegram users directly from the web. You can use those usernames for your marketing and increase the number of potential customers.

5.  Anti-Ban Measures

Telegram has officially banned mass messages. So, if your bulk texts are detected as spam, your account will be banned. However, you can avoid this with TexSender.

This software enables you to set a time delay between messages. Because all the messages are not sent automatically at once, Telegram won’t detect them as spam.

You can also use variables to customize the message. Because the contents of the messages are slightly different, they will not be marked as spam. So, there is only a small chance that you will be banned.

6.  Useful for Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing and campaigning via Telegram can be very effective to gain new clients or keep old clients loyal to your business. To do this, you simply have to gain the phone numbers of current and potential clients in a CSV or TXT file. TexSender will import the file and automatically generate a contact list for sending your mass messages.

How Telegram Bulk Sender Works

TexSender has many advantages. But how does it work? It is actually very simple. Here is how to use it.

1.  Install TexSender

Firstly, download and install TexSender. It is available in the free version for smaller businesses, and also in the paid version for larger corporations.

2.  Import Contacts

Once you’ve finished installing it, open TexSender. Now you have to import your contacts. You can import them from phone numbers or Telegram nicknames in the form of a CSV or TXT file.

3.  Send messages

After you import the CSV or TXT contact file, you can write your message. You can also attach photos, videos, files, and many more. Then, once your message is ready, simply click the SEND MESSAGE button. You’ll be notified whether the messages are sent successfully or not.

Now that you know how to use TexSender’s Telegram Bulk Sender, you can use it for your business and marketing purposes. All the best!

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