Why eWebGuru VPS are Best Choice for Indians?

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There is no doubt there are many web hosting companies in Indian but there is a company that offers the best and nothing but the best. At eWebGuru they combine different tools to ensure you get the best service from them, all their tools are at a highly optimized state which make them highly secured and impervious to any security threats. This article will expatiate on the reasons why I believed eWebGuru dedicated server are the best choice for Indians. I have enjoyed a nice time with them so I can easily make an honest review about their services.

At eWebGuru their windows VPS will offer you the following benefits even at a little price, read through this article and you will gain the knowledge which will help you to utilized the power of their VPS to the fullness.

Fully-Managed Servers: As standard which they have set for themselves, all the servers at eWebGuru are fully-managed. You can easily sign up for fully managed service, fully managed is a wide term, so let’s me break it down for you. EWebGuru will cover everything from the initial setup and hardening, to the proactive monitoring and they will efficiently help you to manage your server. Literally they will cover it all; there is no limit to how far they are willing to go in other to manage your server.

Presence of a Quality Supermicro Hardware: Many providers often try to provide cheap hardware, sometimes they even make use of desktop grade hardware just so that they can save money. EWebGuru are not like that, they don’t cut those corners; they provide nothing but the best Supermicro cases, motherboards, and power supplies. So, if you want the best hardware for your web hosting, you can simply contact them; no other webhosting company can offer you this amazing benefit.

Cisco Firewall Protection: Their entire network completely under the protection of Cisco firewalls that will automatically stop dos and ddos attacks in their tracks and protect you from attacks within their network. They are dedicated to the security of your website, they are always making use of the right tools to keep you secured and impenetrable to any form of attack.

Free Migration Assistance: If you are moving from another provider you don’t have to worry about the migration process: eWebGuru we make everything easy for you. They will completely take care of setting up your new server, completely migrate all your data, verifying it, optimizing and tweaking your server. This is another great feature which you can only get from eWebGuru. Other webhosting companies might promise it but only eWebGuru can fulfil it.

Very Quick Setup Times: Once your setup you make an order to setup your server with us, the period between setup and startup is very few. You will gain access to your account within 1-4 hours. If you ordered server that is not readily available; they will still set it up for you in no time. They are dedicated to offering you amazing services at the shortest possible time. This is another feature you can only get from eWebGuru.

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