Why Does Your Business Need an Email Validator?

Today, email remains to be one of the most effective and preferred modes of communication. That’s why you will notice that most people still check their emails every day. Unfortunately, around 10% of all email addresses given out are accurate. The remaining 90% are either invalid or inaccurate. 

This shows the need for email validation, which is an effective way to root out invalid emails. Email validation is very important, particularly for businesses. This is the process of validating email addresses, to check to see if they are active. Interestingly, you don’t need to send an email during this process. Eventually, email validation will make your marketing campaigns more effective, and protect your business from fraudsters. 

So, why does your business need an email validator?

To reduce bounce rates

Email validators will help your business to reduce the bounce rates of email marketing campaigns. This happens by getting rid of invalid email addresses from your databases—meaning you’ll only reach out to the valid ones. Thus, you will be sending emails to authentic users. This, will also help in growing and boosting your business. 

Get rid of dangerous emails

Email validators will help your business in identifying complainers, thus prevent you from sending messages to this category. Complainer email recipients have a higher possibility of marking your emails as spams.  

When you have a lot of complaints, your reputation can be adversely affected. There’s a high chance of your emails being categorized as low value, and they might go the spam folder directly. Also, your email service provider might tag your business as spam, and ban you from sending emails. That can have a serious impact on your email marketing campaigns. 

Check the authenticity of your recipients

Email authentication will ensure that your emails are delivered to active users—and this can prevent you from being penalized. If you are an active email marketer, then you understand the effort needed to accomplish email marketing campaigns. 

Thus, you must ensure that your emails reach the right and intended audience. When you send emails to verified accounts, you will significantly improve your delivery score. This is very essential, particularly for businesses seeking to become verified or trusted senders.

If you want to save your business money

According to the experts at Byteplant, email validators will save you a lot of money by reducing your marketing costs. Every email that you send will cost you a certain amount of money. Thus, every marketing email that you sent an inaccurate or invalid email address translates to lost money. 

But, with a more validated and accurate list, your business is likely to have a higher ROI for its marketing efforts. At the end of the day, your business will have better marketing and improved campaigns. 

To improve leads

You’d rather have a few valid emails than a thousand of invalid ones, as they translate to bad leads. Email validators will ensure that you send emails to valid addresses, which are working. This will lead to higher and open engagement rates. Ultimately, your business will have better exposure to the market and better conversion rates. 

If you want to boost your revenue and engagement rates

Once you’ve verified all the email addresses in your database it’s time now to do away with email addresses that don’t match your goals. You don’t need to be worried, even if you end up with few addresses in your mailing list. Your business will still have higher and better engagement rates in general. 

By constantly sending emails to the right email addresses, your business can improve the click-through-rates for your marketing campaigns. Moreover, email validators will assist you to get rid of email dresses that take advantage of your freemium plans. At the end of the day, you will protect your revenue, and avoid spending your resources on users who are not converting. 

Email validators allow you to identify disposable email accounts

If you are in the B2B marketing industry, you might be aware of disposable email addresses. These are temporary addresses that people use to send or receive emails. People don’t have permanent mailboxes, and most of them are fraudsters. With email validators, you can easily identify such emails, and remove them from your mailing list. 

Bottom Line

Having irrelevant or invalid email addresses can choke your database, and it doesn’t benefit your marketing campaigns. Thus, it’s essential to get rid of them so that you can focus your money and energy on the addresses that will benefit your business. 

Email validators will thus allow you to make your marketing strategies smooth and more effective. With such tools, you only need to concentrate on building your business. The tool will do the rest of the job.

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