100% Genuine Ways To Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile Recently!

Every one of us has this curiosity to see who has viewed our Facebook profile. We want to know if someone is stalking us online, whether our ex-lovers are checking us out or any familiar face is interested in us. It is a fact that Facebook keeps track of everyone who is visiting your profile so that they can appear on your “Friends You May Know” list. But note that not everyone who is appearing of “Friends You May Know” list is stalking you. Some of them are due to connection with mutual friends.

Is There Really a Way Out?

Anyways, when you try to find out whether there is any secret method to check who visited your Facebook profile, you would be completely disappointed. Most of the methods listed online that appear on the first page of the Google search’s result first are absolutely fake. If you dig deep enough, even the support page of Facebook would tell you that there is no way to do so.

The reason is simple that Facebook wants to keep certain things private and by revealing who visited your profile, they will make a huge chunk of users unsatisfied. So, basically, Facebook does not offer any way to check that out. But here is the good news. There are two verified ways to check who visited your Facebook profile which we are listing below. Use them as long as they are available until Facebook pulls the trigger on them.

How To Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile Using App?

There are many apps available on Google Play Store that claim to show you the profiles of the persons who have visited your profile and they even put a random number to satisfy your mind. Most of those apps are a complete scam. Do not use any other app except the one we are mentioning because most of them are made by hackers and they can cause serious issues in your smartphone and sniff your monetary transactions secretly. Keep your curiosity under control and resist your temptation.

You need to install Who Viewed Your Profile Android App. If you ask why this app is safe, well, there are over 1 crore of installs already yet the overall rating is 4.6. This only goes on to show how authentic the app is and finally, you can truly check who viewed your profile behind your back. There is a limitation in this app that it will show only people from your friend list who viewed your profile. So, you should not unfriend people with whom you had a fight so that you can track their activities.

Go ahead and install the app. Open the app to connect it to your Facebook account and search for the viewers who are stalking your profile. You might just find people from opposite gender who are having a crush on you. There is also a separate option for that with label “Who Has Crush On You”. Probably, it takes into account the frequency of visits and other factors to determine that.

The app is completely free and install it today because Facebook may just ban it soon as it did with their previous app for performing the same function.

There is another app named Who Viewed My Profile Face. It shows people from and outside your friend list. The app has good ratings and reviews and therefore, can be considered genuine. It lists people who visited your profile recently and those who visit your profile frequently. You can definitely give it a try. You would definitely find a few strangers or known faces who are not in your friend list anymore including your ex-lover with whom you have broken up offline as well as online.

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How To Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile Using Code?

Step 1 – Open your Facebook account on your computer. Use Chrome browser. Head over to your timeline. The URL in the address bar of the browser must look like https://www.facebook.com/something. This “something” is your Facebook profile name or ID.
Step 2 – Right-click on any blank area on your profile. A menu will appear where you need to find the option View Page Source”. Click on that and you will be redirected to a new page in a new tab on your browser. This new page will be full of source code. Inside it, all the required information is hidden.
Step 3 – Press Ctrl + F on your keyword and atext boxx will appear in the top-right corner. Type “InitialChatFriendsList” excluding the quotes and press Enter on the keyboard. It will take you to the place on the new page where the text is written.

Step 4 – Just before the found word, you will find a lot of IDs. Those are the profile IDs of people who visited your profile recently. Check the image below to understand.

Step 5 – You need to copy those IDs one by one and paste in a new tab on your browser to see who they are. Now, copy the ID just before the hyphen symbol. Check the image below to understand. After copying one, go to the new tab, write https://www.facebook.com/ and paste your id.

There could be 20 or more IDs available, and you have to copy each one of them and paste. Some of them may show that the page is not available. Ignore them.
Note: The ID that appears first, that person has seen your profile more. Therefore, the IDs are arranged in decreasing order of the frequency in which someone has viewed your profile.
Step 6 – If you are tired of checking so many one by one, there is another shortcut. Just scroll down the code, and you will be able to spot the name of the guys and girls. Be careful as you may skip a few important names if you hurry and cannot keep calm.

Facebook keeps on updating its source code structure very often, therefore, use it as soon as you can because this method will not be available for long.

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