Where Can You Sell Your Fifa Coins?

Where Can You Sell Your Fifa Coins

Do you have a surplus of FIFA FUT coins that you want to sell? The FIFA FUT mode is a fantastic gameplay that allows players to earn coins, which can then be used to upgrade teams and buy other consumables, to take part in the top-level tournament competitively. If you have significant FIFA coins, many sites are willing to buy them for real cash to your bank or mobile wallet. These sites are, however, reviewed stringently by EA to prevent any dealings with illegitimate coins. As such, you should try to sell your coins to credible buyers that are authorized by EA.  How do you find trustworthy sites that can buy your coins for real money, without compromising your account? Here is a look at all the critical attributes of a credible FIFA coin exchange.

  • Payment security

Secure payments are the core of any reliable FIFA coins buying and selling site. When looking to trade your coin, it is advisable to use buyers that ensure100% payment security, including using popular, trusted payment systems and SSL certificates for extra protection. Even so, consider all other vital factors such as EA authorization, business registration and guarantees. If the platform seems “fishy” in any way, consider finding an alternative coin trading site that can guarantee full payment sand reasonable rates.

  • Experience vs. reputation

Trading sites that have been around for a while offer the best selection and services and you can trace their records easily. However, you can still find amazing offers and high coin demands from new coin trading platforms, so your options aren’t limited, as long as you stick to EA authorized sites. More experienced buyers are likely to offer a seamless, dynamic user-experience and secure coin trading software you can rely on. The dealer’s market reputation is another critical factor you should consider when selling your hard-earned FIFA coins. A dealer who has demonstrated consistency in providing reliable FIFA coin trading services will attract a growing reputation. On the other hand, those associated with scams won’t escape their bad reputation, so make sure you look up player reviews and find other indications of trustworthiness. 

  • Customer support

An exceptional and reliable customer support team is vital in any coin trading site since they provide much-needed assistance whenever there is an issue. It is advisable to choose a site that offers 24/7 customer assistance. The website should also provide several communication channels that players can use to find help. You can try some of the contact methods provided to gauge the response time and professionalism of the support team. If you are concerned about the support, find another offer that gives you 100% confidence.

  • Transaction speed 

Most FIFA coin trading sites promise transactions that take no more than 24 hours. However, wire transfers may require three to five business days, depending on the bank. However, why settle for longer when you can get paid instantly. Scam buyers will take much longer, and may cancel the transaction refunding you with illegitimate coins, which is why you should choose EA approved sites only.

The best sites to sell FIFA coins

You should read all the EA guidelines provided for buying and selling FIFA coins. This will help you identify sites that have promises in contrast to EA policies. You can contact the customer support and ask if they are EA approved and how you can verify it. Considering all the above factors, here are three trusted buyers you can use to sell your FIFA coins:

  • buyfreefifacoins.com

This is one of the largest and highly sought-after FIFA coin trading sites approved by EA. It offers impressive rates and high coin demand that ensure you receive a reasonable amount for your coins. You can head to https://www.buyfifacoins.com/sell-fifacoins-to-us, the official trading page, or explore any of the 24-hour customer service options to get a step-by-step guide on how to sell your coin. The site offers live chat, direct calls, emails and more.

  • DSFUT.com

DFSUT.com offers trusted services to FIFA players looking for dependable high demand coin trade sites. Here, PS4 and Xbox One players are guaranteed secure payments up to99%, along with high coin demand and rates. Others have an automatic selling feature that allows you to complete transactions swiftly, which suits those who sell FIFA coins regularly.

  • PlayerAuctions.com

This is another player-oriented trading site that allows FIFA players to exchange coins for real money. Players are also guaranteed fast, secure payouts and competitive rates. The demand for coins is decent enough to find buyers for your coin surplus. 


There are many FIFA coin trading sites you can visit and sell coins in exchange for cash. This can make choosing a reliable site a bit overwhelming, which is why we provided the guideline. Make sure you review each offer independently and stick to trusted sites with a vibrant community.

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