When Does Attorney General Sessions Asylum Ban Take Effect?

The United States has yet to be united from what the former administration has left off, especially with significant changes in immigration law. The Trump administration once put asylum applications to a halt, resulting in various immigrants hitting pause and getting stuck at the Mexican border.  The Migration Protection Protocols (MPP), most commonly known as Remain in Mexico, had created many political opinions against the former President. As the year 2021 enters its mid-season, the new Biden administration has yet to unwind such enormous changes.  These changes took a toll on asylum seekers and refugees, and immigration lawyers failing to assist their clients properly.  

Attorney General Against Asylum Ban 

As there is still no confirmed date when the reversal of Remain in Mexico will take effect, Attorney General Letitia James, together with 20 immigration state lawyers, openly challenged Trump’s attempt to limit asylum grants and employment. Under the former administration, Trump proposed two new immigration rules. The first one required a year-long wait for seekers to apply for a labor authorization and prevent several applicants from having any authorization at all. Second, the removal of a 30-day allotment for application processing and enabling an indefinite application response. 

Attorney General James and her alliance contended that these rules would significantly increase health and welfare costs due to the lack and delayed authorization of asylum seekers to have sponsored health care from their corresponding employers.

The Alliance’s Success 

On September 14th, 2020, the New York Attorney General James had successfully convinced the United States District Court to hold a preliminary injunction via the District of Maryland and prevent the two rules from the Trump Administration. The court rightfully accepted the Attorney General’s argument because the regulations are illegitimate and should be temporarily paused to let the court decide what action to take next. 
Another reason for the court’s approval was that the acting secretary of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Chad Wolf, never legally took the position. Therefore, the court nullified all the orders made by Wolf.

Progress of the Rising Administration

Apart from the victory of Attorney General James, the reversal of Trump’s immigration laws is still in progress. However, as the Biden Administration continues to prioritize immigration law as his first on the to-do list, it is safe to say that the asylum ban will come to an end. ConclusionAs the United States continues to walk little steps and make America great again, it is undoubtedly much easier said than done. Given that the world is still in the process of recovering from a global health crisis, the proposed outcomes can still be far behind. However, with immigration lawyers and the new administration in place, the results will surely be worth the wait.
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