When Can You Get An Admission Denial In An Assisted Living Facility?

When Can You Get An Admission Denial In An Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living facilities have increased in the current generation as more seniors need help in different matters. Many people have benefited from these institutions by having an easy and manageable time to spend their retirement years. Nonetheless, there are some instances when you or your loved one may not get admitted to Florida assisted living and other facilities because they do not qualify. Understanding some of these instances and some of the top reasons why you may be denied admission is critical.

Severe Medical Needs

An assisted living facility can offer some level of medical care, such as helping residents stick to prescriptions and knowing when to purchase any medicines that may have run out. However, such services would not be suitable if you have critical medical needs.

Most institutions will refer their residents to professional nursing homes if they have specific medical needs, for instance, meticulous wound care. Other conditions that can disqualify you from getting admitted to an assisted living facility include using feeding tubes and severe infections.

Critical Mental Conditions

Aging may be accompanied by severe mental conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Most assisted living facilities lack the skills and personnel to handle such needs. If you or your loved one has serious mental issues, they may be denied admission to become part of an assisted living community. Most memory impairment patients require round-the-clock care, which can be challenging in an aided living institution.


Most assisted living communities offer their services to seniors who can move around independently or use walking aids. Being bedridden means you will need help to move from one point to the next. This is one of the services that many assisted living facilities do not offer.

There is a significant difference between an assisted living institution and a nursing home. You should understand the admission requirements for both to ensure you or your loved one gets appropriate help, depending on their condition.

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