What Should You Know Before Hiring An IT Support Company?

What Should You Know Before Hiring An IT Support Company?

Are you about to hire an IT Support Company for your business? If so, there are several things that you should know before making this decision. There are many benefits to working with outsourcing companies like IT Support companies. However, it is important to find the right company for your needs, and this depends on many factors. It would be best to read reviews of any company you are considering seriously before signing a contract. The reviews will tell you what the typical customer experience is like with this company. Do you need 24/7 support? How responsive does the company usually respond? This will help guide your search into finding the best company for your needs.

What are some typical IT Support Company offerings?

Some typical IT Support Company offerings include server monitoring, 24/7 support, yearly health checks, and other preventative maintenance, antivirus software installation, and management, network security services such as firewalls, spam blocking email servers that keep your employees from being inundated with unsolicited email at all hours of the day.

What does an IT Support Company usually include in their recurring monthly fee?

Some common offerings that are included with the provider’s monthly fee would be remote support, on-call technicians to handle emergencies, and server monitoring. Some companies charge additional fees for email spam blocking services, additional on-call technicians, network security features, and others.

Why should you consider hiring an IT Support Company?

One benefit to hiring an IT Support Company is that technicians are available around the clock; times zones may not be a concern with this type of support if your company works on different schedules. This can be extremely important for some companies, especially those that work in different time zones. Having around-the-clock support is also important for those companies who rely on their email servers to conduct business. They may not be able to send and receive emails if a spam-blocking server is down during certain hours of the day or night.

What is the typical process for hiring an IT Support Company?

In order to choose the best IT support company you will need to find companies through Google searches, read reviews of various companies until you narrow your list down to 2 or 3, then reach out to each one of those companies and set up a phone call so you can ask specific questions about their services and pricing before making your final decision. You must have all of your questions answered before making a choice, as you will be signing a contract. You don’t want any surprises after your first payment goes, though!

How long does it typically take to go from choosing an IT Support Company to having them onboarded?

Once you have chosen an IT Support Company, it should not take very long to get everything set up. Depending on how extensive the setup is, the time frame could be from 3 days to about 2 weeks. You should follow up with the company regularly until they are onboarded, so there aren’t any hiccups when they first arrive and start working for your business.

What should you look for when reading reviews of different companies?

Some things that you should look for in company reviews will be what type of response time they usually get, how professional the staff is, and any recurring issues that customers seem to have. This will allow you to understand the customer experience better to determine which company is better suited to your needs and expectations.

What other resources does an IT Support Company typically use to resolve problems quickly?

Typically an IT Support Company will use remote connections tools such as LogMeIn or TeamViewer to take control of a system and diagnose what issues users might be experiencing with their devices. Some support companies also offer “break-fix” services where they send a technician to the client’s location to fix problems with hardware or software.

When are companies typically billed, and how often?

Companies are typically billed monthly for services rendered, but some providers offer different options. It is not atypical for a company that offers custom packages to bill clients weekly or even daily if desired by the client. Hourly billing is also possible with certain types of services, which can be useful if you have an IT company that handles things like software development projects and maintenance and support.

What type of plan should you choose when it comes to choosing between Remote Support Plans and Onsite Support Plans?

Remote support plans control desktops through the internet, while onsite support plans put a technician at the client’s location to handle issues. Remote Support Plans are generally more cost-effective and efficient for companies that already have high-speed internet available. Onsite Support Plans are better suited for companies that are more locally based or have slower internet speeds.

What is the difference between repair services and maintenance services?

Maintenance service contracts offer things like software updates, virus scans, firewalls, data backups, malware removal, etc. In contrast, Repair Services come in when you need something replaced due to failure or hardware issues. Some IT providers offer both services as part of their plans so you can get everything covered with one company instead of needing separate providers for these different types of work.

Will my computer and data be safe and secure with an IT Support Company?

Yes, your computer and data will be completely safe and secure with any reputable IT service company. Data is always encrypted before being transferred to the provider, so no one else can view or access it without proper authorization. You can choose companies that are based in the US for increased security if you wish as well.

Is there a learning curve at all when working with an IT Support Company?

There might be a short learning curve if your company offers things like installing hardware and software. Still, most other services don’t require much technical knowledge to operate properly after an IT company has set them up. It is difficult for anyone to learn how to fix a computer if they have never been trained, so most IT companies will only offer services that they are capable of performing with the highest levels of success.

What can I do to prepare myself before hiring help?

Ensure that you understand all of the different types of issues you might be having and what each issue entails in terms of time and money before hiring an IT support company. Once you know exactly what is wrong with your system or devices, it will make it easier for someone from outside your company to try and resolve those problems as quickly as possible. You should also know all of your business’s hardware and software-related details, such as which programs you use regularly, who has access to specific computers and devices, and what you expect from the IT support company.


There are a lot of things you should know before hiring an IT support company for your business. Hopefully, this article has led to some clarification on these points, and the next time you need IT-related services, you’ll be better prepared with all the right questions to ask.


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