What Should I Look For In Help Desk Ticketing?

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When you are out in the market to source for the best help desk software or ticket tracking software for tracking are things are done as they should by your help desk agent, you will find hundreds of these tools with so many potential features to choose from which will be overwhelming to you.

The excitement of seeing many features which you may think will help your staff do their job successfully may confuse you. The reality is that the more feature a system you choose can lead to more overhead and complexity in your organization’s operation. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose ticketing software with the exact features that your organization needs or pick software that every help desk needs, which may not be necessary to you. The best ticket system to acquire should have the following features:

Be accessible and easy to work with

When you consider automating your help desk system, the entire process will become pointless if the system you buy will not be helpful to all your customers. Therefore, you need to get a system that all users on the web interface can easily access with your company staff and through the internet by external customers. When you outsource third-party software, ensure that your service provider has a system that does not precede yours and easy to use when feeding and accessing data.

The system can send tickets to various channels

Find a system where all users can send a ticket via emails, registered accounts on your website, and phones. The idea here is for the user not to be stuck when one channel fails; they can still use alternative options to raise their queries. Additionally, you can also get a system with a configured chat system where you can receive messages from customers and sort them.

Has an option for self-service

Most help desk systems usually operate 24/7. There is a particular segment of customers who prefer to do things on their own. Such customers would prefer a self-service system where they logged into the portal and did things independently. Consider putting up FAQs, shopping-cart style, and forum for this segment of customers to do their orders and request. This will enable your customers to enjoy your platform at their comfort while enjoying quality support from your team.

It can track a ticket history

Proper documentation is essential in every organization. Getting a system that can preserve a ticket history is very important when there will be a dispute to be solved, when you want to track the progress of an event or project and when you want to trace the origin of a problem in the system. Please keep all the closed tickets in the system as queries may come later which you will need them to track their history.

It can be customized to suit the organization needs

The system you choose should have room for customization to improve on its limitation to meet your organization’s needs. The system you will find in the market may not have all the features that you need. Find one that can offer you a workaround where you can alter it slightly to become in sync with all your needs.

It allows users to view ticket status

For customers, it is always frustrating when they are left in the dark regarding issues or complaints they raised on company products and services. If you can let them access and view their ticket status, they will be more at ease and become less hostile. Ensure you find a ticketing system that has a way in which all users can see what’s going on. Further, allow viewership for parts that are not very sensitive.

Internal viewership is also essential for different departments as it allows for access to the ticket status and encourages workload sharing and collaboration.

It provides support for the grouping of associated tickets

A system that can sort related tickets like those with FAQs or similar requests from users can help reduce and sort so many related problems. Therefore, your help desk agents can focus on complicated queries. You can program the system to give uniform replies to similar problems.

Finally, when you find a system with the above features and others, all your help desk agents and end-users will benefit from it, and your organization’s performance will improve.

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