Using SAP Analytics Cloud? 5 Time-Savings Tips

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Whether you are a beginner or expert in the use of SAP analytics cloud, there are some best practices you should follow, to enhance performance and reduce total time spent at each stage. The following tips and ideas will give you an insight into how you can increase your speed with the SAP analytics cloud.

Learn to Drag and Drop Data

You can save yourself some clicks and time by uploading a local data set to the SAP analytics software. You can simply skip the menu, then drag and drop the dataset that you need to use on the home screen. Once you drop the file on the “I’m feeling lucky”, the data set will simply open in the story mode, then you can drop the file on the “Prepare Model” to use the Modeler to open the dataset.

Quick-start Your Story

If there is a data you need to explore but unsure of where to begin, you can simply use the BusinessObjects cloud feature to get started. Import your data into a story or simply choose a model you can work with. Go the “Canvas” and then choose the “Build my story for me” option. This feature will populate your page with several charts and graphs, according to the measurements and dimensions you opted for.

Make Use of Short Cuts

If you want to move tiles from one page to the other quickly within your story, you just have to find the quickest shortcut. To copy a tile, for instance, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C and the tile will be copied and you can paste by clicking on the “paste” option in a toolbar or use the CTRL+V option on the keyboard.

Filter Your Results

There are a number of filtering options on the SAP analytics software that you can use in isolating some of your data. It is also possible to apply a filter to an entire story or just filter a single page. Assuming you have a page in your story that is dedicated to a measure, and you want to view the impact that a dimension has had on such measure. Simply set up a page filter to allow you to select the dimension you would like to influence your measure or data.

Pin Your Data to Home

Your home screen on SAP analytics cloud performs several actions you don’t know. If for instance, your boss asked you for today’s data, simply go to your home on the SAP Analytics cloud where you have already pinned the data.  You can pin any tile from your story to the home screen and you can even change the orientation of tiles by resizing them.


It may take some time to get used to all these time-saving tips and ideas mentioned above but once you get used to them, you will quickly realize how SAP analytics software can make everything simpler, and faster to move from one place to the other.

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