How to Track A Phone Location Effectively (100% Works)

How often do you find yourself in situations where you just wanted to find the location of someone close to you? I wanted to check on my son as he wasn’t answering his calls. At that stage, I know how worried I was!

Luckily, he is all safe, but to not let the same situation arise again, I started looking for phone tracking solutions. I wanted a solution that basically allowed me to get the location of my son’s phone without a lot of effort.

After thorough research and reviews, I found ClickFree, the ideal app to track a phone without them knowing. Let me introduce you to this amazing application that will solve a lot of your issues. 

Part 1: How Can Anyone Track A Phone’s Location?

Well, there are many technical ways to do it, but I am pathetic when it comes to tech. So, I wanted a tool that made my life simple and got me what I needed. That being said, I was cautious to avoid all the scams available on the internet.

I found out about this top-notch tool, which allows me to find the exact GPS coordinates of the target user. Moreover, I can find out all of my son’s activities on his phone. People of all ages can operate this app with ease.

Let me tell you more about the stunning features and also the setup process to this amazing app, ClickFree. 

1.1 ClickFree: A Reliable Phone Tracking Solution

When I found ClickFree, I didn’t believe for a second that there could exist such an application that makes hacking so simple. After using this awesome tool, I agree with everything I read and heard!

Visit the ClickFree page to make use of technology and monitor all the data and activities on the target device. You can spy on both Android and iOS devices and without any technical knowledge. Now wonder, a lot of people love ClickFree’s amazing features.

The application is loaded with features, and all of these are really easy to access as well. ClickFree has a modern and convenient UI, which makes its usage pretty straightforward. Keep reading to find out what made me love this application.  

1.2 What Are The Different Features Available?

ClickFree application has more than 35 features, and that is what makes it one of the top apps available in the market. Here are some of the top perks of using this amazing tool.  

Works On Android and iOS

You don’t have to worry if the target user has an iPhone or Android. This app works its wonders on both operating software. In fact, you won’t even need to jailbreak or root the target device.

Jailbreaking and rooting require technical skills, and it is not simple to do. Moreover, if you jailbreak or root a person’s phone, there are high chances that he will find out about it.  

GPS Location Tracking

With ClickFree, you can track a person’s location at any time of the day. You will get the exact GPS coordinates of the target phone to find out where the user is at that point. Moreover, you will be able to do all of this in a remote way.

No more worrying about your loved ones and no more waiting for them to send you regular updates. You can use ClickFree to keep a check throughout the day and from anywhere. 

Geofencing Feature

ClickFree has a mind-blowing feature, and I found it really useful. With the geofencing feature of ClickFree, you can always be aware of the target person’s location. The option allows you to set a boundary for the target device.

Whenever the target device is taken outside the specific boundary, you will get a notification. So, you won’t have to constantly keep looking for the GPS coordinates.

Additional Features

ClickFree has over 35 features, and with these, you can find out what the target user is up to. You can track their social activity, text messages, contacts, call logs, and much more. You will be able to keep a constant check. 

You can also utilize the advanced keylogger of ClickFree. It allows you to track all the keystrokes on the target device. So, you will find out the passwords of different platforms with ease.

1.3 How Can You Setup ClickFree?

Setting up ClickFree on a target device is quite easy. Irrespective of whether you are hacking an Android device or an iPhone, you can set this app up in no time.

Follow this step-by-step guide to monitoring the activities of the people you love.

Step 1: Check out ClickFree’s website and create a new account for yourself!

Step 2: You will be prompted to select the target OS like Android or iOS. You will also have to select the perfect plan as per your needs.

Step 3: You will get all the instructions on your screen. In case you are hacking into an iPhone, you can simply set up ClickFree with the iCloud credentials of the target user. You won’t even have to physically touch the device.

For all the Android target devices, you will be required to download a third-party application. With a third-party app, it is impossible to hack into any Android device. The app is just 2MB, and it will take a couple of minutes to download.

Step 4: Click on ‘Start’ and let the safe and secure servers of ClickFree sync with the target device. Once it is done, you will be able to use the features of the web dashboard to check on any user.


Hacking or tracking any smartphone has never been this simple. ClickFree makes it easier for users of all ages to track any smartphone. Moreover, the discrete and remote feature of the tool does not let the user be aware of the hack. 

Explore the website of the app and check out the free demo to know more. ClickFree is the modern tool that everyone in this generation needs. Ensure that your loved ones are safe and sound!

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