Top 7 Useful Applications for Students

These days, in the digital era, every student has a smartphone. Mostly, students use them to surf the Internet, chat with friends, watch videos, and listen to music. However, a smartphone can also be useful for studies. Let’s review the top seven apps that help learners to study. 


Students are always busy. They have an overloaded schedule with a lot of things-to-do. The best way to cope with this is to manage time and tasks. Download the Todoist app on your smartphone and stay organized.

It has a simple and straightforward interface that foresees the ability to add tasks and mark them as completed in one hit. Also, the application can send push-notification to keep you updated about ongoing tasks. You can synchronize the app on different devices, assign other users to your tasks, and use it to form habits. 


This one is a comprehensive application for students that brings access to textbook solutions, and over 35 million answered questions on the go. Also, the application offers the ability to learn new materials by watching video tutorials.

This application offers the ability to snap a pic of your task and publish a question. When an expert answers a question, you will get a notification on your smartphone.

Wolfram Alpha

Do you experience any problems doing your math task? This app will simplify your life by doing complicated calculations in a few seconds. Using this application, you can not only get help with your homework but also receive a step-by-step workflow to discover how to resolve a math problem or equation by yourself. Also, Wolfram Alpha has various tools that allow students to calculate times, convert currencies, manage finances, etc.

Socratic by Google

This application can become a great assistant for all students who need help with their homework. It is a full-featured app that allows learners to get help on any subject. It works simple and straightforward. 

Specify your question in the application, and Google AI will find a corresponding textbook for you. You can also use voice and camera to ask your question. There are a lot of step-by-step guides with visual explanations that help understand new materials better. 


Do you want to learn new skills after classes? Download this app on your smartphone and enroll video courses on-the-go. There are more than 130 thousand courses available, both paid and free.

Udemy offers the ability to download videos on a smartphone so that students can learn new skills when there is no Internet access. Therefore, if you don’t want to buy college essay to get high grades, enroll a paper creation course, and boost your writing skills online.


It is a leading app that helps stay focused and boosts productivity. Its concept is to drive students to focus on tasks and avoid distractions by blocking access to off-tasks on your smartphone. Moreover, the app implies a gamification feature. 

In other words, when you work, a plant grows. After each successful planting session, students open new species and earn virtual coins. When users collect a particular amount of coins, they can spend them planting a real tree. However, when a user closes the app, a tree dies simultaneously.

Office Lens

It is a high-rated application from Microsoft that allows students to scan documents with no hassle. Using this application, you can grab your smartphone, point it on a document, and hit the shot button. The app will turn paper notes into digital images in a few seconds.

Moreover, Office Lens can work from different angles. After taking a snap, the app will process an image and align it correctly. It also offers the ability to save a scanned document into a gallery, as a DOC and PDF file, or export to OneDrive in a click. 

Helpful Tip for Students

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