Top 5 Alternatives of Telegram

Top 5 Alternatives of Telegram

Telegram is the most popular messaging app because of some cool features that other messaging app doesn’t have such as, bots, secret chats, large file sending support, self-destruction messages and more. Moreover, it is the most secure app which is based on MTProto Mobile protocol which provides you end to end secret chat encryption. However, if you don’t like Telegram, then there are 5 alternatives listed below.


WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app available on the internet, which provides ultimate security over users. Moreover, if you are wondering that you should use Telegram over WhatsApp due to strong security, then here you are wrong. Because Telegram only provides encryption on secret chats while WhatsApp provides in chats, calls, media files, etc. In WhatsApp, you can format text which not in telegram. However, as compared to WhatsApp, the telegram has much more capacity, such as you can add more 250 participants in a group; you can send bigger media files to anyone. Moreover, telegram provides you a cloud space where you save anything.

If you want more features like Telegram, then go with the WhatsApp by Fouad Mokdad which has a lot more features.


Snapchat is especially known as a video chat app. However, you also can do text chat here. It has various kinds of cool features in video chat. You can apply Face lenses after clicking a photo. As you know, Snapchat is a Shazam integrated app, which means you can use shazam within snapchat. Such as if you are playing a song and you need detailed info about the song; so just after launching the app press hold the camera’s viewfinder than you can see that shazam has recognized the song that you are playing. Moreover, you can share stories outside the app.


Viber is also an instant messaging app like Telegram, but when it comes to security, Viber wins. It is because Telegram only provides secret chat end to end encryption while Viber provides end to end encryption almost on everything such as an end to end encryption on calls, messages, videos, photos and more. Moreover, there is cross-platform support on Viber, and even the cross-platform messages are encrypted. Viber also provides you with free audio and video call feature. And not only national you can make free calls to international users as well and if they are not a Viber user than also it is possible to make free calls through Viber.


WeChat is a popular video calling the app a bit similar to snap chat, which has very cool and interesting features, unlike telegram. Such as wechat shake means go to Discover tab and tap shake and shake your phone wildly and if anyone else also shaking the phone on wechat than you and he/she will get connected then you can chat together. Do this while are bored or feeling lonely. You also can pay with WeChat. It is also an integrated gaming platform.


Just like WhatsApp and telegram, Facebook Messenger is also an instant messaging app, and it is the most widely used app, where you will be soon using the end to end encryption secret chat, self-destructing messages and more. Facebook team is testing the services. Moreover, the instant messaging app already has features like bots, GIF support, audio and video calls, stickers, etc. Here you also get status update support like WhatsApp. So at the end of the year, it could be a good telegram alternative.


So in conclusion, Telegram is full of features which you can’t get all the features in any one app. However, when it comes to a security concern, it is not 100% safe in comparison to other apps. So from the above-listed apps, you can use anyone app you want as an alternative of Telegram.

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