Top 4 Things You Need To Consider When Integrating SMS Marketing

Top 4 Things You Need To Consider When Integrating SMS Marketing

Personalization of SMS messages is a powerful way to engage customers. Companies can use SMS to educate customers about their products or services. Customers sign up for text messages by entering their phone numbers. They receive personalized emergency information and recommendations for products they have recently purchased. 

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Personalizing an SMS message to a subscriber can be a hugely effective way of increasing page views and paid subscriptions. Understanding a subscriber’s preferences and buying history can create a tailored message that appeals to them specifically. Additionally, opt-in is required when you send SMS text messages from your Shopify store. By opting in, subscribers confirm their consent to receive promotional and educational content.

In addition to personalizing an SMS message, it is important to consider how your audience will respond to it. While email marketing is a tried and true method, audiences are increasingly comfortable communicating with companies through text messages. It’s not uncommon for them to expect companies to send them information from customer service queries to package tracking updates. In addition, you can target your SMS messages by geography or age to better target potential customers. However, limit the number of texts you send to a subscriber.


One of the best ways to boost in-store traffic is through SMS marketing. Consider an exclusive VIP customer campaign, where customers receive personalized offers only redeemable in-store. Or, you could use it as part of your post-purchase flow, sending personalized resources from your growing library of blog posts and guides. If you’re in the business of selling a certain product, consider timing personalized SMS to coincide with the launch date. You’ll boost in-store traffic and brand loyalty by sending a personalized message before its launch.

While deciding when to send personalized SMS marketing messages, remember that your subscribers’ attention spans are a key consideration. Many people check their phones 150 times a day, so you’ll need to consider their preferences in terms of time and frequency. While you’re trying to reach as many potential buyers as possible, don’t bombard your audience with messages that are too long. If you’re trying to keep your subscribers engaged and interested, consider sending several messages over several weeks.


With a mobile marketing budget, it can be difficult to determine how to get started with personalized SMS marketing. However, this method is a proven winner for many brands. It allows them to send messages directly to their customers’ phones at the right time. While it may not be as cost-effective as traditional print advertising, SMS messaging can effectively reach a large audience for little or no money. 

Make sure to set a goal for the SMS marketing campaign. For example, are you trying to reduce the number of abandoned carts on your website? If so, consider sending SMS marketing messages with specific goals in mind. Examples are customer support notifications, cart abandonment prevention, and post-purchase order notifications. Once you’ve determined your goals, you can select an SMS vendor. Choose a company that is easy to work with and scalable.


It’s important to know how many of your subscribers converted to see the results of your personalized SMS marketing campaigns. You can improve your SMS messages by improving your copy, including an image, or adding a stronger CTA. You can also use A/B testing to find which message converts better and use that messaging in future campaigns. Finally, you can transform a good strategy into a winning SMS program with the right reporting system.

Personalized SMS marketing requires data and analytics to show your campaigns’ effectiveness. Analytics tools help you keep track of your results and make smart decisions. With data-driven recommendations and analytics, you’ll understand which channels work best and which don’t. Attentive has the tools and knowledge to help you improve your personalized SMS marketing. It can also help you measure subscriber growth, optimize your campaigns, and get better results.

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