Top 20 Best Free Movie Apps For Android You Must Try

Previously, we used to have a cable connection to watch TV channels. Then came the age of digital TV where you would need an antenna and set top box. Now, we are living in the age of internet TV. One of the main reasons why most of the people are excited about the new era of internet TV is because it is absolutely free. All you need to do it to connect you Smart TV with an internet connection, download free apps to watch TV channels and latest movies without paying a buck. Today, we are going to discuss the top 20 best free movie apps for Android because most of the Smart TVs are based on Android OS and you can use these apps to watch movies on your smartphones and tablets anytime anywhere.

Top 20 Best Free Movie Apps For Android –

1. Showbox App

It is one of the most used Android apps to stream free movies. The app is flawless, the user interface is user-friendly and navigation is intuitive. It is not available on the Play Store and hence, you have to download the APK file and install the app from the APK file. The collection of movies is vast and it lets you download the movies and watch it offline as many times as you want without consuming internet data. Movies of different resolutions are available including HD movies. Instead of browsing the list, you can search for any movie and start streaming it. Apart from movies, it also has TV series and the collection is updated regularly to include the latest movies.

2. Crackle App

Crackle is a popular name for watching free videos from its website. It has also launched a flawless app available both for Android and iOS to let mobile users take the enjoyment of watching latest movies in any required video resolution. The only drawback for some could be the fact that it does not allow you to download movies and TV series and hence if you want to watch a movie or show multiple times, your internet data will be consumed. Its app is available in Google Play Store in most of the countries else you can download the APK file and install it to get started.

3. Viewster App

Viwester is another app that is hugely popular across the world for watching free movies anytime anywhere. It is the leading movie streaming app in the European region. It is a common name among kids because of its vast collection of popular anime. You do not have to sign up and watch movies and videos straight away. The app lets you download movies, TV series and anime without restriction. The app is also supported in Chromecast and hence, you can enjoy the movies on your TV.


4. YouTube App

YouTube app is the most underestimated app because lots of people are of the opinion that free movies are not available. But there are a lot of users who upload latest and old movies and you can enjoy them. All you need to do is search them and there could be a few fake links but if you search deep you are going to free them. Furthermore, all the different types of videos are available making it the largest movie streaming site in the world. All the different resolutions are available and you can download the videos and watch offline. It is always good to download the latest movies because such videos may be banned by YouTube sooner and later.

5. Flipps TV App

It is like watching TV online through your smartphone and tablet. It is one of the best Android apps to not only watch latest movies free but also to watch live events like Music shows. It also has a large collection of TV series. As a matter of fact, it also has the collection of viral videos, news, and sports highlighting and hence, it is rightfully called as the Online TV. You can watch every video in HD resolution if your internet connectivity is fast else you can also watch in low resolution as per your requirements.

6. Hotstar App

If you are from India, Hotstar is an app that you must have no matter what. You can watch all the popular TV channels shows. The collection of TV channels shows is available in regional languages and hence, its popularity has increased in multiple folds. All the latest movies that come on TV will be available here and you will never be bored. Apart from that, you can watch sports and games which are very popular in India and the streaming is fast and video quality is great.

7. Movie HD App

This is a great app with which not only can you enjoy movies and TV shows on your mobile phone but also on your television. It is compatible with Chromecast. You can watch the movies on your TV just by playing them on your smartphone. All the different genres of movies and TV shows are available. The app is made in collaboration with HD Cinema and Sky HD apps. You can watch the latest episode of popular TV shows with high resolution which may not be available in other apps.

8. PopcornFlix App

PopcornFlix is a great app to watch movies on your smartphone if you have a decent internet connectivity speed. It is one of the forerunners to update latest movies and TV shows and you can watch the blockbuster movies sitting at the comfort of your home and you can even use a projector to watch it on a big screen and get the feeling of watching the blockbuster latest movies in a multiplex. Movies of all genres are available and hence, it satisfies all the different types of users. You can even discover the movies and videos people are watching the most and follow the mass movement.

9. TubiTV App

This is another very popular Android app for watching free movies. You will get the most unique genres of movies along with popular commercial movies. The regular update helps the users to watch the latest movies without going to multiplexes. There are over millions of users active on this app and it is the source of their entertainment. You can even find movies and videos on biography, documentary, drama and likewise. Many users have said that streaming is a little slower than usual but you have to install to check that out.

10. BoxTV App

This is one of the best Android apps that let you download latest movies and watch them online. There are various apps that only let you download movies that are old enough due to certain restrictions but this app stands apart from them. The user interface is cool and intuitive for first-time users. You can also search movies based on several filters that are so useful for daily users. You can play and resume movies where you stopped last time which is literally a life-saver. The video quality adjusts itself according to the internet speed.

11. MegaBoxHD

It is a relatively new app but it is gaining popularity exponentially. It is a rather lightweight app and hence, the resources are not consumed too much. Movies are listed in different video qualities. Currently, it has over 50,000 active users worldwide. It has a collection of 60,000 movies. The only problem you may face with the app is its commercial ads but since it is in its infancy, it is a given thing. If you have an old model of smartphone with less RAM, this is an ideal app.

12. JustWatch App

This is a very innovative app that curates movies from different libraries of other apps. It is more like a search engine for movies and TV shows. You can search across libraries like Netflix, Crackle, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Vudu, XBOX and so many others. You can see which movies are available for free and watch them. It is fast becoming a top priority destination for movie lovers as they do not have to load individual apps and with only this app, they can get all the prime services and free movies and TV shows comfortably.

13. Viu App

This is a free movie streaming app that lets you watch everything for free. All the popular genres are available and the collection is curated and updated regularly so that there are always new super hit movies and fresh episodes of popular TV shows. You can also watch movies of different countries with subtitle. You can even search movies with celebrity name and bookmark the movies to watch.

14. CinemaBox App

It is one of the best Android apps of 2017 as it has added millions of users in this year. Many of you might be knowing this by the name of PlayBox HD which is its former name. It has various advanced features like subtitles, chrome case, offline mode, kid’s mode which is very useful for parental control. Furthermore, there is night mode to watch movies while lying down on your bed in a dark room so that your eyes do not get affected. Daily updates are provided and the streaming and downloading bandwidth is fast.

15. Mobdro App

This is not so popular an Android app for watching free movies but it has some of the amazing features that are worth trying out. You can get cable channels, sports coverage and most important the blockbuster movies. Just because it is not so widely popular, it can afford to show latest blockbuster movies with a few days of their release. The only problem is the movies may not be available in HD mode and you have to comprise yourself with that. There is literally no bar right now on the videos available and hence, you should use it and take advantage of its availability.

16. Yidio TV App

It is one of those free movie streaming apps that hit the market very early. It is very unique because technically speaking, it is not exactly a video streaming app. It lets you search free videos online and then directs you to that website to watch the movie there. Many people love it because they can get access to everything free on the internet and stream the movies, TV shows, and other videos as per their need.

17. BigStar App

This is a slightly different app it due to the fact that it has only award winning movies. Therefore, you can expect only quality movies rather than all types of movies. In spite of that, it has a decent collection of Hollywood movies and the app is lightweight and streaming is very fast. The user interface is also cool and can search through different genre.


18. Kodi App

This is quite an interesting app which is developed and managed by the non-profit organization. That is exactly why its interface keeps changing and new features are always available that users find very useful. It lets you connect with a bigger screen like computer, TV and watch movies. It is more than just a video streaming app. You can manage your media files including photos effectively through the app.

19. Google Play Movies App

This is not so widely popular but worth mentioning. You are not going to get the latest movies free but there are a lot of free movies available. You should definitely try the app out especially if you are tired of watching other movies in other apps. It can be a mood-changer and it also lets you download the movies.

20. Netflix App

When you talk about video streaming, it cannot end without mentioning Netflix which is the most liked video streaming app. It is a known fact that Netflix is a paid service, but you can avail 30-days of free trial and watch all the movies in those 30 days as if they are the last 30 days of your life. You can get all the latest movies before they are available on other platforms mentioned above. Definitely download the app from the Play Stores and have awesome 30 days watching all the movies and TV series especially the past episodes that may not be available in other free video streaming apps.

That is all. Try out al the apps and see which one suits your requirement the best.

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