Top 10 Best Sites To Stream Anime Online That You Should Bookmark!

For those of you who do not know, anime are basically Japanese computer animations which are better than usual cartoons. Anime are extremely popular among kids, and they grow up idolizing the characters in anime series. As a matter of fact, the merchandise and power figures of the anime characters sell like hot cakes and children press their parents to buy them out. If you are wondering how anime differ from a cartoon, you must understand that the animations are a little advanced in anime but most importantly, anime have colorful backgrounds, perfect themes and stunning characters. Anime TV series and movies are extremely popular across the world, and some of the movies become the highest gross movies of the year. Recently, we have also shared best websites to watch tv series online.

Today, we are going to list top 10 best sites to stream anime online because most of the kids are always online these days due to the availability of social media sites and online computer games. How cool would it be to watch the best anime series like Dragon Ball Z, Ghostfighter and likewise? Even parents can download the latest anime movies and enjoy them at home on their big TV screen.

Top 10 Best Sites To Stream Anime Online –

This is by far the best site to watch anime online if you do not want to download and waste your internet data. If you cannot live without watching anime series and movies, 9anime should be on your bookmark list in the very first position. The best thing about 9anime is that it is ad-free which is the most annoying features of some of the sites that stream anime. Furthermore, you can get the latest episode of anime series and latest anime movies. It also has a feature that remembers which anime video you were watching and it streams from the point where you paused or stopped watching.

Coming to its features, you can choose anime based on genre, newest uploads, latest anime movies and series, most watched, and upcoming ones that will be uploaded soon. They stream anime series in specific times as well for the latest episode and you can get the feeling that you are watching them on TV in a particular time. You will find the feature under Schedule option. You can even request to upload anime as per your requirement. Anime are available in different languages by dubbing and you can select anime series by their seasons. Different qualities of anime videos are available and you can select them depending on your net speed and data package.

Giving a tough competition to 9anime, KissAnime is the favorite website of many anime fans. The reason is that it has a wide range of anime that are generally not available on other sites. A survey was conducted and it is found that KissAnime gets the highest visitors. But over the last few years, people are preferring 9anime over KissAnime because of some issues like sudden hangs and pop-up ads. Regardless of that, it has some cool features as well like a different mobile-friendly site, chat room for anime lovers to have a conversation and one can also read novels related to the anime series.

You can find out the ongoing series but you have to be careful not to click here and there else ad segment will come up and annoy you. Ads are the means through which they earn and maintain the website. All the different genres of anime are available from new and hot ones to most popular ones. One of the best features of KissAnime is that fans can buy merchandise of their favorite anime character from the site. Also check best free movie streaming sites no signup.

This is a fantastic site with great UI design. All the anime are English dubbed and there is a plethora of anime available that will consume every day of your life. You can browse by genre, by alphabets and latest episodes. The special attraction is that you get to read manga series from the option of the top menu. As the name suggests, it is truly for anime freaks. Well, those who are looking for adult anime to have fun when alone, they too are available in plenty.
They have a special segment called Featured Anime Series which are fun to watch and you can see daily updates to keep up with the new uploads and finish watching them. As far as the quality of video goes, they are HD and the streaming is quite fast too. There is an unending list of anime to watch for a lifetime.

GoGoAnime is one of the top 10 best sites to stream anime online with swift speed and great quality. All the anime that are not available on TV as they are mostly in the Japanese language, they are available here with English subtitle. This goes specifically for anime movies, and they are highly entertaining. It also comes with GoGoAnime app so that people can watch anime on the go and in a comfortable position.

The user interface is very basic for kids to access anything effortlessly. It loads with super speed and can be viewed from mobile devices without any glitch. All the different types of anime series are available, and the new series are included faster than most others. There is a wide range of anime movies. On the homepage, it lists the ongoing series, latest episodes releases and new anime added. Furthermore, you can get the latest release of manga series and search any anime and stream them online.

The best part of the website is that there are very less number of annoying ads and hence, the user experience will be great. Just like all other websites, it has a wide collection of anime series, drama, and movies. The only problem could be that it does not have a dedicated search box. But the menu on the left has everything you need to search. The list of full series and ongoing series are available, and if the site opens in another language, you can translate it into multilingual as per your requirement.

If you are clueless which anime to watch, on the homepage, they have a section named Recent Anime Recommendations which you can watch awesome anime in your free time. The user interface is very simple and hence, it is has become a popular destination for many, and the popularity is increasing rapidly.

This is a good website to watch the latest episodes of popular anime series as they are lightning fast in uploading latest shows. Everything is dubbed in English, and the quality of videos is high. It is a no-nonsense website where you can start a video by a single click. You can even read Manga. Anime movies and soundtracks are also available, and you can download them to make ringtones. All the different types of Asian drama are available, and there is a dedicated section for those accessing from mobile so that the site loads faster and properly. You can search anime by alphabets and genre, most popular, most watched, and hot ones.

The navigation of the website is very intuitive and you can find anything all by yourself. You can watch all your favorite anime series with fast streaming speed. It is one of the top 10 best sites to stream anime online by far. It works well from mobile browsers and the menu options are elaborate to find different filters like anime list, read manga for anime fans, popular anime, anime movies and much more.

You can also search for ongoing ones, completed ones, and there is an option for online chatting as well. Anime are also available by release date and you can go back to 1950 to see the anime back then and some of them are better than what they are today.

This is one of the cleanest anime sites to watch latest anime series. There is no need of registration and you can start watching instantly. The look of the website is premium and hence, the navigation is superb. It is best for watching anime movies and the streaming speed is quite good. One can also watch cartoon series as all the different types of cartoons are available. English dubbed and English subtitled series and movies are present in plenty and the latest ones are included.

If you want to see something that is not present on the website, you can make a request and it would be uploaded and notified soon. The ongoing series are uploaded every day and it could well be the first place where you find them before others. There are very little advertisements on the site and the related post videos will help you discover quality series that might have missed out by chance. The search option is helpful and the website appears perfectly on mobile devices and even on high-resolution television sets.

The website was first published to cater to girls only because most of the anime have female character but it was soon noticed that boys have started crowding the place in getter number due to the attraction of the opposite gender and now, male character based anime are also uploaded. Even though the theme of the website is still the same which is preferably for the girls, coming to its functionality, the website has a stunning list of anime collection. You can browse through the anime list to find all the different types of anime series you are searching for. The latest anime movies are uploaded within a few weeks and the superhit anime are available based on different years.

The home page has sections that update constantly with the latest anime and ongoing series so that you can find your favorite one easily without going through the entire site. Romance anime is their specialty and it attracts a lot of teenagers around the world. Magic based anime are also popular and available directly on the homepage to get started instantly. You must check out the sidebars for different categories of anime movies and series available under different headings.

This site is known to have to most diverse anime series of them all. If you are looking for the popular ones, you may not get all of them and hence, you should use other websites listed above for that purpose. But if you like to watch different types of anime just for a change, this is an ideal website. The interface is cool and intuitive for navigation. All the anime are dubbed in English and you can also watch cartoon, daily episodes of anime as well as movies.

Android mobile app is also available to watch on smartphones anywhere and anytime especially when you are traveling with your kids. Starting from action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy to horror, mystery, romance, science fiction and supernatural anime, all the different types of anime are available. You can also check out latest manga and drama releases. The site is almost ad free and at least, there are no pop-ups on click in blank areas. The streaming speed is moderate and if you have high-speed internet, it should be your ultimate destination to watch anime peacefully.

Honorable Mention –


Hulu is the second most popular website to stream videos after Netflix. All the blockbuster anime movies and series are available first on Hulu but it is paid service. You can go for one month trailer and if you like it, you should definitely go for it. Mobile apps are also available to enjoy streaming of Anime at your comfort. You can also stream them directly on your smart TV and there is no need of downloading. It is mostly available in European countries and some parts of Asia.

Go ahead and check out all of them to see which are the ones that suit your requirements and bookmark them to stream anime online every day. Most importantly, you can watch them anytime, anywhere especially when you are traveling in a long tour to avoid boredom. Keep following us and discover useful articles like enver before.

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