Basic Tips to Create a Promo Video For an Event

You have spent a lot of time and money creating a stellar event that your target audience will enjoy for all the right reasons. However, as memorable as the day should be, you will not get the type of attendance or reaction you want without effective promo video marketing. It does not matter if this is a real world or live event you want to attract people to or a virtual event you hope to attract a lot of online attendees. One of the best ways to market it before hand is by creating an exceptional promotional video and sharing it on YouTube, social media pages, and anywhere else that makes sense for your particular target.

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A 2019 survey from Eventbrite Pulse indicated that 95 percent of all promotional teams for events saw video as highly effective at getting attention. You cannot possibly ignore these kinds of statistics when it comes to planning your marketing strategy.

Event Promo Video Goals

In most ways, and even promo video requires the same type of content and production professionalism than any other type does. You want great video clips, clear images, effective text, a winning spokesperson, and a powerful call to action. The number one goal of a promotional video is to get people to either show up at the event or to call for a ticket or more information. You should focus on both options when designing your message. Read more about the promo video here.

What a Great Promo Video Needs

These tips will help you include everything your promo video needs to attract more attention to your real world or virtual event.

A Strong Hook

Get your audience’s attention right away. Avoid things like flashing lights or giant words that give your promo video a cheap feel. Instead, use a compelling graphic or video clip or words directly from the event presenter or spokesperson.

Benefits for Attendees

Make sure everyone understands why they should want to come to the event. Will they get instruction, personal guidance, new opportunities, entertainment, or more? Avoid making grand, sweeping statements or promises that you cannot keep. Be clear, concise, but enticing.

Attendance Information

Although it is probably easier to tell people to call you or point them to a website with additional information, you may want your promo video to include details about attendance. For a real-world event, this would mean the address, ticket price, and parking information. For a virtual event, this would mean the website, whether they have to register for an account, and any necessary hardware or software specifications. Of course, telling people what time it starts and how long it lasts makes sense.

Call to Action

What do you want people to do after they watch your promo video? In most cases, you want them to contact you other online or over the telephone for additional information. Make sure you display the contact details clearly at the beginning and end of the video.

If you do not want contact and only want people to show up at the door or log into the site where the online event taking place, give complete information about how they can do that.

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