What Things to Know Before You Purchase A Laptop

What Things to Know Before You Purchase A Laptop

A lot of things matter when it comes to buying a new laptop. It is a different scenario when you are buying a refurbished or fairly used laptop, you want to know the current condition of the device and if there will be a need for repairs or replacement of some part. The following are the most important things you should know before you purchase a laptop.

Know When to Buy a Laptop

Perhaps the best time of the year to purchase a new laptop is when a new version of your preferred laptop is released. Most manufacturers normally reduce the prices of the immediate past laptop versions when they release new ones, to sell the remaining ones in stock. You should take advantage of this to get a great price bargain.


You want to know the RAM (Read Only Memory) size of the laptop before you pay for it.  Some decades ago, you can do with 4GB size of RAM, but today, more powerful apps and gaming adventures require more than 6GB of RAM. Today you should be thinking of a minimum of 8GB of RAM and if you are a powerful gamer you may need up to 16GB of RAM to keep up with the performance of the device. RAM allows more data to be accessed and more actions to be processed in less time.

The Processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The commonest processor types you will find in most laptops today are; Core i3, Core i5, and Corei7. The Core i3 processors are found mostly in entry-level laptops and core i7 are those in the best performing laptops.   Some modern laptops are already relying on Core i9, making them very fast for processing all actions.

Hard Drive (HDD) and SDD (Soft Drive)

The hard drive remains the traditional memory storage area of the laptop which is replaceable. The SDD is fast replacing the HDD because it does not generate as much heat as the HDD and does not slow down the performance of the laptop. You should consider this when buying a new laptop especially when you need to store lots of files.

Keyboard Quality

Make sure you check the keyboard quality of the laptop before you settle for it. The keyboard must allow speed typing without the keys becoming stiff or hard to press. Make sure you go for keyboards with backlit if you find it difficult to see the texts on the keyboard in the night or under any other low-light condition.


The price of a laptop should be the last consideration you should make when buying a laptop. In most cases, the higher the CPU and processor rating, the costlier the device becomes. A Core i7 with 16GB RAM, for instance, will be more expensive than a Core i5 and 16 RAM, regardless of the HDD or SDD size. The speed of processing information and data should be the main consideration when it comes to buying a laptop.

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