The Latest Tech for Clean Water from Your Home Tap

The Latest Tech for Clean Water from Your Home Tap

Water is crucial for human life, and water access is fundamental for every human on earth. Reduction in domestic water supply happens because of complex reasons. Some of the major factors include depletion of groundwater reserves and population growth. About 30 percent of fresh water on the planet is found within deep aquifers. The increasing levels of unsustainable extraction continue to be a source of worry as it rapidly contributes to water insecurity. 

As the water resources strain continues to increase, the water crisis in water-stressed areas continues to grow. Water-hungry industries such as the textile and energy industries are also contributing to this crisis. You will always need water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. Because of that, organizations and individuals worldwide are pulling efforts to ensure that everyone has access to safe and clean water. 

Still, people are nowadays using the water they can access even if contaminated. These are some of the latest technology used to clean and purify contaminated water.

1.Solar-powered water filtration

The most prevalent issue in most places in the world isn’t a lack of water. It is that there are enormous volumes of contaminated water. In many countries, most times in the developing world, toxic discharges from industries and sewage are deposited directly into rivers and waterways. Savvy water companies are now using solar energy in their water filters. Some of these solar filtration systems are portable and provide sustainable volumes of clean water over several years.


Deserts cover most of some countries. These countries usually experience drought conditions where they go without rain for several months and even years. Even if these countries border oceans, it doesn’t help as seawater isn’t safe for drinking or other domestic uses. However, because of technology, it is now possible to turn seawater into safe domestic water. 

This process removes minerals and salt from seawater, making it suitable for drinking, cooking, and washing. Since their invention in the ’60s, desalination plants have become very sophisticated and now can kill any bacteria in water, giving you access to pure drinking water.

3.Fog catchers

Groundwater supplies are being depleted in some areas, and entire regions and villages are experiencing water scarcity. Luckily, some of these regions have an abundance of fog. Installing fog catchers in such areas helps to ensure that communities have access to clean domestic water continuously. Fog collectors have woven vertical nets that catch mist as it passes through the atmosphere. 

The collected droplets then trickle into a collection system from where it is filtered then mixed with groundwater. From there, the accumulated water serves different towns and villages. Countries like Morocco, Ghana, and Chile use this technology. Fog catching technology is continuously being improved to make it more efficient.

These are just three of several technologies that help people harvest water and make it cleaner and safer for domestic use. Another efficient method is nanotube technology. Firms are still working on more technologies to ensure that as many people can access sanitary water.

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