The Best Games Of 2019 That Deserve A Top Place In Your Gaming List

best games 2019

Since its launch in the year 2013, PS4 has revolutionized the gaming world! Yes, we admit that with time some state-of-the-art gaming consoles rolled out, but the benchmark of prominence PS5 enjoyed is unexcelled. There is a myriad of tremendous games available with PS4 that can take your breath away and on the same time bestow you with quality graphics and better gaming experience.

If you have a PS4 and want to attach another feather to your gaming collection, then you should consider picking up one or all the games mentioned below. These are the best games of 2019, and you will admit the same after getting your hands on them.

Ghost of Tsushima

If you are keen of playing action loaded adventure games, then this can be an ideal choice. The Ghost of Tsushima is developed by the prominent game developers who are recognized due to their popular series. Just like the older games by the same developer, Ghost of Tsushima is equipped with phenomenal graphics and a crisp game play.

This advanced game holds the capability to take the players back in the year 1274 on the Tsushima Island. You as the main lead have to stop the Khan Forces from evading the island and destroying their homes.

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar is all set to astound you with the much awaited Grand Theft Auto V. This game has sustained a top place in the heart of PlayStation players. The version V is enriched with enormous modification and out of the box transformations. However, the stream of storyline and the locales roaming around are same.

The players will be able to add multiple songs; can attend larger online matches and a couple of things which incorporate upgrades to the character too.

Days Gone

Days Gone was planned to release in 2018 but the release was delayed due to certain circumstances. But the developers of the game i.e. SIE Bend Studio are ready to release their game on a world-wide level in 2019. Days Gone, is based on the post-apocalyptic phenomenon where the local populace is turning into zombies and the player has to smash the zombies being a prominent bounty hunter.

The main lead of this game is Deacon St. John and the best part of the enhanced combat skills that are appended in the latest version.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil is itself a name that is enough to steal the attention of game lovers. The older versions of Resident Evil were also a major hit and were loaded with best-in-class sound effects and graphics. Capcom- the developer of Resident Evil series is all set to launch the remake of this game but now with tremendous HD and spectacular graphics.

You will find the narratives of the game similar to the previous version. Again Leon and Claire have to cross the Raccoon City, but this time the scenario has changed and difficulties are of next-level.

Wrap Up

Doubtlessly, these launched or about to launch games can be termed as the best games of 2019 that you can play on a PS4. Purchasing any of these games will be the best decision ever. Also, the history of their makers is not hidden and you can have a glimpse of what they deliver by playing their older versions or watching the release videos.

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