The Best Cases for Your New iPhone 12

The Best Cases for Your New iPhone 12

A new iPhone 12 model has been released, and if you recently purchased one, you’re probably already considering purchasing a case to protect it from damage. But how do you pick the best case? How will you know which ones are going to be worth the investment? And what exactly makes the best iPhone 12 cases so good in the first place? These questions will be answered in this review of the top iPhone 12 cases out there right now, so keep reading!

1) iPhone 12 Cases from Otterbox

Otterbox makes durable cases that are meant to survive drops, snow, rain and anything else you can throw at them. These cases have multiple layers of protection that keep your phone safe from harm. One of Otterbox’s most popular cases is their Symmetry Series, which is a clear case that shows off your phone’s design while still offering drop protection. If you want more coverage than Otterbox provides with their Symmetry series, try one of their Defender series cases; they add rubber bumpers and a screen protector to protect against scratches and other damage.

2) iPhone 12 Cases from Incipio

Smart, sleek and fashionable. As an avid fan of Incipio cases, I’ve been eagerly awaiting their release of new products for my favorite devices. There are several brand-new cases hitting shelves now, so if you’re looking to protect your new iPhone 12 or to cover up that LG G8 watch you just purchased, you’ll be able to find a case online and in stores. I love Incipio cases because they offer so many options and because they come in such fun colors! The Hi-Gloss Desert Collection for instance is perfect if you want something functional yet pretty to look at as well as keep your smartphone protected.

3) iPhone 12 Cases from Apple

Before you head out to pick up your brand new, jet-black iPhone 12, you might want to protect it with a case. Apple is offering its own selection of cases, but many are just basic silicone or plastic options that are pretty affordable. But if you’re looking for something with more style and personality, there are plenty of third-party cases on offer—some even compatible with wireless charging.

There are plenty of companies that have started offering their own iPhone 12 cases in time for launch, but Apple itself has its own lineup that was just released. There are three options to choose from—hard plastic, silicone and leather—all of which offer decent protection while also being reasonably affordable. The hard plastic case protects against scratches, bumps and knocks without adding much bulk or thickness to your device. The silicone is even slimmer but comes with Apple’s signature line on it, while the leather keeps things simple with a classic finish. The metal case—available in silver or gold—is made specifically for wireless charging support, but does add significant thickness to your phone.

4) iPhone 12 Cases from Moshi

Moshi makes some of my favorite mobile accessories. And when it comes to phone cases, I can’t say enough about their TPU Bumper. This case is perfect in every way—from its design to its price point. It offers your phone four different forms of protection: front and back protectors, a bezel that sits around your camera lenses, and a raised edge that shields your touchscreen from drops. But what really sets Moshi’s Bumper apart from other clear-case options are its smooth edges. Whereas other clear cases have jagged or sharp edges along their perimeter, Moshi’s corners are rounded so you won’t scratch up against anything while carrying it in your pocket or purse.

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