The 2020 Gaming Laptop Buyers Guide

Are you in the market to buy the latest gaming laptop in 2020? Here is a quick and easy guide to help you transition from a desktop to a laptop and get your game on mobile.

We all know that desktop computers are still king in the world of gaming. But sometimes you may want to get gear that is more portable. Of course, you need portability, but lots of power is needed behind it so smartphones just won’t cut it.

A Quick Look at the Specs to Watch Out For

What you are looking for when it comes to specs are:

  • A powerful enough GPU
  • More battery life
  • A tougher keyboard
  • More clock speed
  • More than decent resolution

You will know more about the details in the discussion below:


Take note that the majority of video games today will tax your computer’s resources. And that means your GPU will drive much of the gameplay. That is why when you’re looking for a gaming laptop, it makes sense to check out the GPU first before anything else. So, which GPUs are your first options?

The RTX models still stand at the top of the heap, but then again the competition like AMD’s mobile GPUs have also become more impressive of late. If you’re doing entry-level stuff, then the GTX 1650 series will suffice. These GPUs come at a very consumer-friendly price point.

If you’re opting for mainstream gaming and virtual reality, then get your chops on Nvidia’s GeForce RTX GPUs and the competing (and still ruling) RTX 2070 series and later. Note that they will cost you some serious funds. Think along the lines of a few thousand bucks, so get your budget in order if you want to get these babies.

Battery Life, Keyboard, and Storage

Battery life is basic for a gaming laptop. You need something that will give you more juice to last beyond the standard 4 hours of gameplay. Don’t tell me you’ve never been on a game that lasted until the morning of the following day?

The keyboard should be tough as nails, but there are a few more features that will make for a sweeter deal. The actuation on the keys should be anywhere from 65 to 70 grams. That means the keys won’t feel too soft when you hit them—yes literally hit them with your fingers. But that would also mean they will offer enough resistance and toughness as well.

You also want something that has an n-key rollover, so each key is independent. You also want an anti-ghosting keyboard so you won’t accidentally press an unwanted key. Minimum storage should be 2 TB. If you can afford the system to have a separate SSD, then that will be awesome.

The Display

Your gaming experience will suck if the display on your gaming laptop is problematic. This is a detail that some take for granted.

At the very minimum, you should get at least a 14-inch display. But do yourself a favour by getting one that is 15 to 17 inches.

For resolution, don’t get a laptop that has less than a 1920 x 1080 display. Oh, and one more thing—don’t get a touch screen because you’re practically never going to need it.

Speed and RAM

In 2020, the processor should at least be a Core i5 or a Core i7 CPU. But for the best gaming experience look for 10th Gen Core CPUs. Minimum RAM is 8GB, but if you can bump that up to 16GB, then that would be great.


The 2020 gaming notebook you’d want to get is one that is packed with lots of power. It should also be tough enough to handle plenty of abuse and long hours of gameplay.

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