What Is Telecom OSS and How Does It Work?

What Is Telecom OSS and How Does It Work?

Have you heard the mysterious term telecom OSS? Are you wondering what it is and how it works? Keep reading our entry to discover what the technology is about and how it may benefit your business operations!

What is telecom OSS?

In a nutshell, telecom OSS is a solution used to run a communications network. It comprises software, as well as integration between systems, and various business processes. Telecom OSS is a set of integrated applications that support the design, development, and operation of the communications network. It includes numerous technologically-advanced processes and aims to make the network more efficient, profitable, and customer-friendly.

Are you wondering what telecom OSS stands for? It means Operational Support Systems, and denotes:

  • Operational – this part relates to everyday tasks such as supporting and supplying communication services. It deals with infrastructure and technical aspects.
  • Support – it aims to refine operational activities of the service provider. It helps to automate operational tasks, perform them more efficiently, and keep an eye on the effects of conducted activities.
  • Systems – meaning software applications that perform specific OSS activities.

Why should you benefit from telecom OSS?

Telecom OSS includes a wide range of applications that are necessary to perform basic back office activities. The OSS environment typically includes hundreds of separate applications that are responsible for different parts and elements of the business operation.

Telecom OSS is frequently used by service designers, marketing specialists, product managers, network planners, and engineering teams. It helps to obtain reliable data evaluating the network condition and makes it possible to plan strategic modifications.

So, what’s the role of telecom OSS? A communications network transfers data from A to B, therefore, it’s about receiving and transferring information across the network. Generally, a network uses hundreds or even thousands of devices to transfer that data. The more people are communicating or the further the data is transferred, the more devices are involved.

Telecom OSS makes it possible to manage the entire communications network and all the devices. It’s a real must-have if you want to make your solutions profitable, and efficient.

The takeaway

Telecom OSS, meaning Operational Support Systems, are IT applications, and tools used to manage sizable communications networks in order to make them more efficient and to ensure that they work correctly.

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