Tech Employees Flock to Anonymous Social Network, Blind

Tech Employees Flock to Anonymous Social Network

Employee workforce has always dreamt of a platform that lets them chit-chat and discuss issues with employees of other organizations in a peculiar and secure place that is only meant for employees. Fortunately, Team Blind determined their dream and launched a platform that justifies the new definition of safety and privacy.

It’s not dubious that most of the chat platforms are a bust, but the anonymous social network, Blind is something totally different. This anonymous chat platform raised 6 million dollars as expansion investment and there’s a reason behind it.

Employees of almost every giant tech organization whether it’s a huge one or a small one, are switching to Blind for the attainment of utmost transparency at their workplace.

Why everyone is switching to Blind?

Getting complete transparency is something that is hard to achieve. There are enormous social platforms that allow employees to connect and interact but they are not safe and everyone can have the access to what employees are discussing. The facilities like “Employees Only” and “Private Talk” have magnetized most of the workers who have signed up at

No access to layman people

For signing up to Blind, one requires an account that is provided by the employer organization. There is a strict restriction for people who try to opt for this service using general email accounts. Before the completion of sign up process, the entered email is verified and once it’s done a user can avail the access to the services.

Best place to raise the pressed voices

Let’s face it; many employees are unable to raise their voice against something wrong they have suffered in an organization. But with the help of Blind, a user can raise his voice and can discuss the issue with other employees to get an idea of how to deal with the situation. There are tons of people available to assist you that belong to senior and higher levels.

No discrimination of rank

At Blind, every user is treated as equal. All the users interact with each other and discuss topics that are related to their interests. There is no possible discrimination and this is one of the best things about Blind.

Thousands of users have already signed up

As an approximation, more than 85,000 employees who are attached to Blind belong to the tech giants Amazon and Microsoft. The population of employees is not just limited to these companies. Other users belong to Google, Apple, Facebook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Uber and the list is exhausting.

The users at Blind can discuss anything freely whether it’s the grossing topic or something related to work culture. All employees joined with Blind can talk about the pros and cons of their companies, HR issues, problems related to visas and employee compensation without the apprehension of getting their identities revealed.

Team Blind always works on their platform to achieve the scope of betterment. A user can rest assure that he has joined the platform and there’s nothing to worry about.

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