The Basics of PRINCE2 Project Management

Understanding the basics of project management is a first step in becoming proficient at the activity.  It is simplistic to say that? wherever we are, keep a piece of paper.  Every project... Read more »
Project Management

Project Management secrets and tips

It’s no secret that project management is a type of management, but the term project management is rarely used and when it is, it is normally in conjunction with some other type... Read more »
Project Management

PRINCE2 Practitioner Project Management

While project management may not appear to have the much notoriety as concept evolve from cream to rags, it’s important to learn as much as you can about this effective business management... Read more »

Project Management to Drive Efficiency

Project management involves the monitoring, control and management of a building programme to maximise the efficiency of its activity to meet the objectives of a project. It is a process and method... Read more »