Latest Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2021

Who doesn’t love sports! Sports have been an important part of our life, especially for men. From playing the sport to watching it, it is all fun. With today’s busy schedule, one finds it harder to take time out and watch their favourite sports match live.

The Internet has proved to be a boon here as well. There are plenty of sports streaming websites, but one doesn’t know where to look for. These websites are compatible on all screens from desktops to smartphones. And if you are a cricket fan, you would know that how painful it is to miss a Virat Kohli century.

Although, there are only very few sites that offer live streaming of a match. Everyone has access to an internet connection whether it is a student, a teacher or a businessman and if he can’t take out some time to watch sports due to a busy schedule, there are some websites that offer live streaming of a sports match and one can watch it from anywhere he wants but it all requires is a good internet connection.

Now days, a good internet connection is not a big issue as the internet market getting cheaper and full of offers. The sites I am about to mention below offers live streaming of any preferred sports match you like.

Top 10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

  1. StreamSports

StreamSports offers all kind of sports and match highlights of the main sporting events. The plus point about streamsports is that it is a free sports streaming site. This allows you to watch your favourite sports match live or you one can just watch the highlights later. It also supports HD video streaming and that too advertisement free. It offers live streaming of sports matches like soccer, football, tennis and much more.


VIPBOX is another online sports streaming site which offers all kinds of sports for the viewers. Basically, it works as a linker between the users and the other online sources. It provides links to the users according to the sports they demanded to watch. But the flaw is that it is not advertisement free and they might pop up once in a while. All over, it provides live streaming of sports like cricket, football, tennis, baseball, badminton and hockey and all in the high-quality video format. All it requires is good internet connectivity and a stable device on which one can watch the online streaming of their favourite sports.

  1. Hotstar

It is one of the best online sports streaming sites which allows you to watch not only sports but movies, television shows and music videos and much more. But mostly, it is preferred for television shows and cricket matches. It is ad-free and provides desirable video formats which are watchable. Hotstar provides you with another option of saving the video. From this, one can watch their favourite shows, and cricket matches later when they get time.

  1. Sports Lemon

It is an online sports streaming website which allows the users to share links of their favourite matches and is totally advertisement free. One can catch the live streaming of a match or can watch it later. It is a good website for those who love cricket, hockey and football. Although, it requires good internet connectivity but is a great platform for watching live action sports matches.

  1. Star Sports

You have heard of the channel name Star Sports. It is its online version of sports streaming. Form Copa America, La Liga, Barclays, ATP World Tour, Cricket and more; star sports turns out to be king when it comes to sports streaming. The services star sports provides top class and is owned by the world renowned name in the entertainment industry, ‘21st Century Fox’. With live streaming, it also provides with the option of reviews, match updates, score cards, commentary and much more.

  1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is an online sports streaming website which allows a user to watch live Television Station as well. Its user interface is the talking point as it is so simple that anybody can use it without getting confused. This ad-free online sports streaming website allows you to stream HD quality videos, although one has the option to stream in the quality required by the user regarding the internet connection. Stream2Watch is the best online streaming website for football lovers.


It is the major streamer of football matches but also streams other sports like tennis, golf, volleyball, badminton and much more. It also provides highlights option in its terminal for those who missed it due to some reason. Its user interface provides an easy access to videos without doing a much. It is an internationally renowned sports streaming portal which is ad free and streams high-quality videos.


BOSSCAST is a multi-purpose online sports streaming website that not only allows users to watch their favourite sports match but also allows them to chat with other people too. It means, it allows you to discuss the match with others; one can share their views regarding the sports. Other than that, it provides live streaming of popular sports like Formula One, Moto GP and others. It works in such a way that when you type the sport you want to watch, it opens up the list of channels in which that particular sport is streaming. In another way, it acts as a mediator between the users and other websites.

  1. Ten Sports

It is a world renowned sports channel known for streaming world famous sports like WWE and cricket. The online sports streaming ten sports allows covers almost each and every sport from horse riding to volleyball, table tennis to lawn tennis and much more. The streaming contains ads sometimes and requires a good internet connection for live streaming. But its easy to use interface allows the users to browse through their favourite sports.

  1. FirstRowSports

It has been providing live feeds of a sports match for years now and is considered as one of the best online sports streaming websites. Although, some of the links they provide with has no means and is kind of irritating for those who are using it for the first time. All over, it offers a wide range of sports streaming links from which one can choose from.


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