Sites Like WorldStar | (9 Best WorldStar Alternatives)

Sites Like WorldStar | (9 Best WorldStar Alternatives)

WorldStar Hip-Hop is revolutionary website specially made for Hip-Hopers across the world. It was created almost a decade ago and since then there is no looking back. It has received a massive fan following and helped to launch carrier of many great Hip-Hopers. Without any doubt, you can find the best content related to Hip-Hop on the website.

The website kick-started career of many aspiring Hip-hop stars wanting to make it big. Well, this is for sure that Worldstar is one of it’s kind and best at what it does. But you would like to know that’s not it, there are many other websites which can do the same task like Worldstar and in many factors, they are better then Worldstar. We can call them alternatives. So I have brought you a list of all those websites which are great alternatives to WorldStar. Also check out sites like FingerHut.

So without wasting any further time lets go straight to the list of best WorldStar alternative sites.

9 Best Sites Like WorldStar

1. Poppinmedia

Popinmedia is not as much popular as Worldstar but it does have some serious content in it. If you’re a fan of Hip-Hop and rural culture then you will find all the content related to them on this website, especially Viral videos. The website is known for funny and interesting viral videos related to Hip-Hop

artists which are a treat to watch. The website is bit sloppy, but that can be ignored for the awesome content it provides.

2. AllHipHop

After WorldStar AllHipHop is the most popular website for Hip-Hop content. The website contains almost everything related to HiP-Hop like News, lifestyle, music, gossip, opinion and much more. You won’t find viral videos like Popinmedia but the content will more of news though, it is meaningful and very handy. Moreover, you can also find some useful information about singers and rappers too. The website has more than 300000 twitter followers which are growing at a rapid pace. This website deserves a visit.

3. Vlad TV

Vlad TV also contains some very interesting information related to the Hip-Hop world like new gossips, music, and viral videos. It is a great alternative for WorldStar. It is the best alternative of WorldStar. Vlad TV has a surprisingly active Facebook and twitter pages from you can catch all the updated content. Thus, you don’t even have to open the website daily to get the updates. The way the website presents the information about different content is commendable, it’s different from others and way more eye-soothing. The quality of information you will find on this website, I don’t think that you will get such information anywhere else.

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4. Ughh

Don’t ask even I can’t pronounce that word, but if we concentrate on the website it has some really good and informative content. It mostly focuses on information related to music, and they’ve got some handy information about music like new releases, and pre-order and they also have a section called Want news, from there you can the latest new about artists, new releases, music and much more. Another very interacting feature the website has that you can upload your links and stories and interact with different people about the same.

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5. Boo Boo TV

The concept of Boo Bo TV is different from others. It’s not about music or viral videos, but the website is popular for bottleleg videos, yes thats right. The videos are really fantastic and up to the mark and unlike some other websites the content it provides is realistic and grounded to reality. The website maintains a good balance being a Hip-Hop and humorous website at the same time. If you like content more then anything else than this website is made for you.

6. Hiphopdx

This website is completely concentrated on the music industry and provides you all the information and updates related to the music industry on daily basis. The website is more informative then humorous. It produces your music and track reviews, ups and downs of the music industry, real-time status of the mixtape. If you want to be always updated about music industry then the website is a perfect match.


This website also focuses more on providing information related to Hip-Hop artists. It has a framework more like a blog. That’s why I told you earlier that it focuses more on providing information. You can have easy access on daily basis about opinions of different Hip-Hop artists or daily music reviews. If you start to use this website regularly then you won’t have to spend your bucks on magazines to ready daily news.

8. Bitch Your Famous

Bitch your famous is popular for doing something that no other website has tried ever and that is to provide uncensored content related to Hip-Hop world. It provides updates related to accidents, fights, crimes and under ground Hip-Hop. It even provides useful news updates for the same. The content is really interesting and I’m damn sure that such kind of content you won’t find anywhere with such sleek and style. Other then that, the stuff is updated on daily basis. So, even your single day won’t be boring now.

9. DatPiff

This website is completely focused on music streaming, reviewing and getting the latest updates related to it. You can get updates like this week’s top charts and this month’s top charts. You can also give reviews to the songs you like and the whole DatPiff community can check it.

So, thus was my list of eight websites which can be the best alternative to WorldStar. there are many other websites across the Internet that can be used for the same purpose as mentioned above, but I found that the above-mentioned websites are best on overall performance.

Final Words

So That’s all about best sites like WorldStar. Finally, I have to say that all the websites mentioned in the list are perfect for the purpose which are mentioned above. All the websites have different features and focused different things about one thing is common in every website that it Hip-Hop, so every Hi-Hop fan will get something from each and every website.

Thus, it was my thoughts on other websites like WorldStar. Please comment your questions in the comment box.


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