Selecting a Torque Wrench for your Needs

Selecting a Torque Wrench for your Needs

A torque wrench is a tool designed to loosen or tighten nuts or bolts to a specific level, represented in Newton Meters (Nm) or Foot-Pounds (ft/lb). Workers use these tools to build engines, assemble furniture, and a range of other industrial applications.

Several torque wrench types are available on today’s market, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. This article will discuss some of the different types of torque wrenches and highlight some points to look out for to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Electronic Torque Wrenches

The electronic torque wrench is a smart choice if you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use and accurate tool that will display the set torque measurement. All you need to do is set the desired torque level on the tool’s LED screen to use these devices. It will then vibrate or beep when the set level is reached.

These tools usually also come with data logging features, meaning you can record your measurements and access them via a computer, smartphone, or tablet at a later time. This feature makes them popular for engineers and industries where recording and analysing data is critical.

Electronic torque wrenches are also ideal if you prefer an audio or physical torque level indicator rather than a visual one.

Micrometer Torque Wrench

Micrometre torque wrenches are made from chrome-plated alloy and feature a reversible ratchet head. Most tools will have an ft/lb and Nm scale engraved along the barrel. Using the micrometre type sleeve, you can preset your desired torque level, and you’ll hear a click and feel a tension release when the level is reached.

Micrometre torque wrenches are a popular choice for transporting cargo and manufacturing since they accurately indicate the weight of a load.

Beam Torque Wrench

The beam torque wrench is an older type of torque wrench, although it’s still a popular choice for some applications, such as engine building. You might choose this type of torque wrench if you have a limited budget or find the tool easier to use.

Beam torque wrenches typically feature a metal beam, a scale, and a handle for employing force. When you use the tool, the beam will stay in place, and the scale will visually indicate the level of torque applied. 

There’s no automatic audio signal with these tools, so if you’d prefer that type of indicator, an electronic or micrometre torque wrench might be a better choice.

Other torque wrench types

We don’t have time to go into detail about all torque wrench types today, but here’s a quick list of some common options you might consider:

  • Click torque wrench
  • Hydraulic torque wrench
  • Dial torque wrench
  • Mechanical torque wrench

Why selecting the right torque wrench is essential

Selecting the right torque wrench is crucial for maintaining productivity. Before deciding which type is right for you, consider your needs and personal tastes—do you need data logging features? Do you prefer a visual, audio, or physical indicator? Which tool is the popular choice within your industry? These questions will help you make an informed decision.


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