Why You Should Recycle Your Electronics

Why You Should Recycle Your Electronics

When you buy a piece of electronic equipment, it’s not cheap. You invest time and money in researching the best choice that will suit your needs, all while staying within your price range.

Once you get home, open up that brand new laptop or tablet, or television set, to find out there are multiple cords for every single part of the device. There are swappable parts upon which you can’t make heads or tails of what goes where. Then there are the manuals—a hefty stack of papers so thick they could be mistaken for coasters.

Eventually, your new toy will become obsolete and it will be time to get a new one. When that time comes, you may wonder what happens to the old one. That’s where recycling comes in.

Waste Problems

Electronic waste is now a huge part of the world’s waste problem. Although it only makes up 2% of the total waste in the U.S, it is responsible for 70% of non-biodegradable solid waste, a major source of pollution.

It may not seem that valuable to take an old television and send it back for recycling, but the small amount you pay for recycling and disposal actually gets passed on to you through taxes and other fees.

Cost of Electronic Waste

We all pay for the waste of electronics. As of 2022, the United States will be spending billions of dollars on e-waste disposal. All your broken laptops and old iPhones add up to a considerable cost for the taxpayer.

It’s not just in the United States. The problem of e-waste is global. The problem is one our future generations will have to deal with, too. There are certain metals in e-waste cannot be naturally recycled, meaning they will forever remain landfilled.

By recycling your electronics properly, you can help put a stop to the environmental hazards it poses.

Electronic Recycling Process

There are many ways to recycle your electronics, and many places that will do it for you, but some of these processes may come at a cost. Luckily, if you use ecoATM, you will actually get paid to turn in your items for recycling. Do you want to know more about what is ecoATM? Click the link to learn more about this useful service.

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