Proven Plans to Impress Modern Audience Using Online Polls

From our recent case study on contest forum, we found that online polls are playing great role to connect our brand with right audience. Social media sites like Facebook and twitter enable consumers to run contest. A perfectly designed contest can work as a powerful weapon to catch more targeted audience to brand your product. Brilliant marketers know how to achieve their goals using right contests over the duration of weeks and months. 

Online polls are one of the greatest valuable assets of business marketing. Every marketer should take care to create trust for their business with audience. Contest marketing forum threads have discussion about how to impress targeted audience. The basic formula is, we need to make our business as trusted and established.

We need to make huge shift in from our ancient advertising method to updated method for targeting digital audience. 41% of total population of world uses internet for various reasons. So marketing through online is mandatory to catch the right audience for our business. All we need to know is the right formula and strategies to get favorable results from online polls marketing from modern audience.

Select the right platform to run contest   

Beginners have issues with choosing right platform to run contests. There are a lot of platforms available to run contests at competitive prices. We can get great ROI when we run contest on the right platform. What is called right platform? Answer to this question is, we need to find the platform where our niche targeted people spend their most of the time.

Without a doubt, we can say that once we clear with selecting the right platform, we can get results like gold in very short span of time. Internet usage on mobile increased 72% from 35% since 2017 and growing still. Therefore, the internet is running in our hands through mobile phones. We need to choose right platform according to our niche interest to get wonders.

What is an ideal poll duration time?

The newest trend of issuing prizes through online may called contest marketing. When we issue the prize? How often we should run contests? These are the normal questions we think before we choose contest to start. For a sweepstakes type contest, the winners will announce on the same day of contest running. Sweepstake type contests have healthy participants since it is announce the winners on the same day. 

Contest duration time play a key role to trigger the contestants count. When the duration time is short, we can get lot of contestants. Longer duration contests always have countable contestants for sure. We can also choose long duration contest as a contestant if the prize is worthy and valuable.

63% of contests run over few days and 26% of contests announce their winners in 1 day instantly like sweepstakes style. Ideal contest duration may run over a week. Some DJ contests run over months to select winners. If we plan to run DJ contests or big brand contests, we may make the contest duration to several weeks. It is mandatory because DJ and big brands have lot of fans and circles. So they need time to tell about their contest with their big fans.

Pick the right tools to run contest

1. Woobox:

  • 59% of marketers choose woobox tool to use for their Facebook contests. Woobox not only helps to run contest on Facebook. It also helps to run contest on several social media platforms like YouTube and Pinterest.
  •  5% of marketers use woobox on vine and instagram platforms.
  • We can have access to our analytics instantly on woobox to manage your campaign as you need.
  •  If you have interest to choose woobox, visit their site to look their pricing and don’t forget to contact their support before place the order. We should make clear with our doubts about the marketing plan. So ask any contest marketing question with them to get right directions.

2. Wavo (Music contest)

  • The music niche related big brands often use wavo app to run their contests.
  • Votes receiving methods are very strict with wavo contests. When we want to protect our contest from fake votes, we need to choose wavo app.
  • DJ contests which run over months are normally run through wavo contest app platforms.
  • Wavo’s captcha validation and fake votes finding are the notable important factors.
  • When you want to check their service, you can simply visit their site and compare package with other service providers to get right idea.

3. PromoRepublic

  • Another famous social media marketing platform helps for running contests is PromoRepublic. Mainly small businesses and franchisors use this tool to run contests. We can automate the process of posting on several social media platforms. 
  • We can simply make integration with tools like hootsuite and buffer.
  • 23% of marketers found that PromoRepublic app helps to get more commercial deals from their niche.

Spread out your poll on several places   

  • Find right influencer who has great touch with big brands to advertise your poll on their blog using a well written content post. 
  • Social media is great place to catch big fish influencers. When we do proper research, we can connect them fast. Send them letter with reasonable offers and wait for their positive response. Once you got their response, tell fully about your project needs. The first relationship is very important to use them regularly for all our projects.
  • Try to hire as much influencers possible to spread your poll with right audience.
  • Instgram and Facebook prove that they are the top places to find the big influencers for any niche market.
  • If your niche is music related, you have to search your influencers on YouTube.

Bonus tips to keep in mind

Safety is very important when you run contest online to filter fake votes. In today’s times, voting agencies provide opportunities to the contestants to get quick votes for contests. As a contest creator, you should create the right rules for your contestants to avoid fake votes.

Apply all these above proven plans and add your own twist to get super results. 

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