Best Sites To Download Latest Movies For Free That You Should Bookmark

Ever since Torrent has been declared illegal, people have lost hopes of watching latest movies at home. Yes, it is true that there are no sites that will offer you the speed with which you used to download latest movies from Torrent but there are a lot of websites available on the internet that will let you download the latest movies including the superhit movies for free.

But the movies may not be available in the first few days and hence, you have to wait like 2-3 days to a week to get your hand on the latest movies, download them for free and watch them on your computer, smartphone, tablet, TV and even on your projector. The download speed would be depending on the internet speed you have and if you have 4G connection and higher internet packages, it will take a few minutes to download one movie. Today, we are going to list the best sites to download latest movies for free that you should bookmark immediately.

Best Sites To Download Latest Movies For Free

There are no better sites to download latest movies for free than Fmovies. The only problem could be that it keeps changing its domain extension because its domain gets banned from time to time. So, whenever the link is not available, search on Google and go to the respective Fmovies site and download movies for free.

All the latest movies are available along with popular TV show episodes. Most of the movies are available in HD format while some of the latest movies may be available in CAM format but they get updated to HD very soon. It also allows you to download the movies and watch comfortablely on any device. You can also request a particular movie if it is not available in their large collection. You can also watch those movies which are most watched in case you are wondering which one to watch.


Internet Archive

In case you are worried about the fact that whatever you are downloading is legal or not, Internet achieve is the place to be. All the uploads and downloads are legal and hence, this website is highly popular among internet users. You can find all the different genres of movies and the quality is also top-notch. The latest blockbuster ones may not be available but there are over 3.5 million movies to choose from. Besides, movies, this site is useful to download video games, music, animations and cartoons.


YTS Movies

Many of you must be familiar with YIFY movie sites especially because Torrent used to list the websites to download movies. YTS Movies is just a subsidiary to Yify Movies and hence, you will have access to unlimited movies and videos in HD format. Surprisingly, the size of the movies is quite less in comparison to other websites and hence, it is an ideal place to download movies from. The only drawback could be the fact that latest blockbuster movies are not available within a few weeks and you have to wait for them. But there are ample numbers of quality movies to stream and download. Even 3D movies are also available which you can download and watch on your 3D TV.


Download Any Movie

From its name, you can understand why it is one of best sites to download latest movies free. The website is specifically made for Indians and all the different regional movies are available with subtitle. Apart from that Hollywood movies are added regularly because Indian users are very much attracted to Hollywood movies. Even foreign users can download Indian movies and get the taste of Indian cinema.

As a matter of fact, it is the best website to download movies of different countries and you can browse movies according to genre, year, and there is a special section named Featured where quality movies are available. Apart from movies, you can also find TV shows, games, music, and software.



This is one of the relatively new sites to download latest movies for free. All the latest movies are available quite faster than other and Indian movies are also available including regional ones. You can browse through different categories of movies and you can also request movies to be uploaded. You can also watch trailers and what the coming movies are that will be uploaded soon. Different qualities of videos are available to suit everyone’s need and you can download them as well. Hollywood TV shows are also available and you can also get 3D movies and most of the movies have subtitles.

This is not so popular a site to watch movies but you can get quite a good collection of latest and old movies. The problem with the site is that it keeps on changing its domain extension and hence, you have to check on Google when it is not available. The blockbuster recent movies may not be available but if you have the patience of allowing a month’s time, you will get high quality videos. Apart from movies, TV shows are also available for streaming. The homepage may not show all the latest uploads but to safety and hence, you have to click on Latest option on the top to get them.


Full 4 Movie

This is one of the best sites to download latest movies for free especially when you are from India. It is a tailor-made website for India because Hindi movies are available along with Hollywood movies. It is one of those sites where latest blockbusters get uploaded early. Apart from Hindi and Hollywood movies, you will also get Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Pakistani and Bengali movies. Most importantly Hollywood and South Indian movies are available in Hindi dubbed version. You can also do advanced search to find the kind of movies you are looking for. The movie collection is huge and you are never going to be bored due to the fact that different genres of movies are getting uploaded regularly.

Some of you might be getting wild ideas in your minds after reading the site domain name but it has nothing like that. It is definitely one of the best sites to download latest movies. You have to search for the movie you want to download as the homepage is more like a search engine. Otherwise, you can tap on Cinema Movies, TV series, Most Viewed options to check out the movies you want to download. You can even request for movies. You can browse movies according to genre, director, actor, country, language and year of release. Different qualities of videos are available which makes it easy for the users to download videos as per their net speed and requirements. You may download low resolution movies if you are going to watch them on your tablet or smartphone. You can download high quality for watching them on computer or TV.

This is an exciting place to get all the latest movies for free download. The user interface is intuitive and you can see the upcoming movies, the popular movies, new movies, most viewed and downloaded movies and much more. Furthermore, all the movies have rating so that you can decide which one to download. This ensures that you are not downloading a crappy movie and all your internet data gets wasted for no use. New episodes of TV shows are available and you can browse movies according to their release date. All the different qualities of videos are available for download to suit everyone’s need.

This is another great website to download latest movies easily. They have listed all the popular and latest movies with IMDB rating and HD quality is available for every movie. Apart from movies, you can also download latest episodes of TV shows. The user interface has been kept very simple so that anybody can access anything. There is minimum advertisement which makes it less annoying than others. You can browse movies through genres and the videos come with annotation and subtitle. The download speed is moderate but there are a lot of sources available to download movies from which gives you the surety that you will get the movies even when some links fail or get removed.

In this website, you are going to get movies from all over the world which is from every country. You can select movies by genre, release, and country. There is a special featured section where you can find quality movies which are hand picked by the editor. There are also TV-shows available especially the popular ones and their latest episode. In the genres, you can find biography, documentary reality TV, Music shows, sports shows and much more others than the usual categories. The best part is it is free of advertisements. The quality of the videos varies depending on the uploads. You can request movies along with the resolution. The user interface is quite simple and clean. The requested movies are listed separated which is quite interesting to check out.

HD Popcorns

This is a simple user interface based website that is very clean and free of advertisement. All the different genres of movies are available and you can even search movies based on their ratings. There are various such advanced filters and various genres of movies are available for adults as well as kids. You can even get retro movies that old aged people would love to watch. The downloading is smooth and there are numbers links available for that one bad link does not cause any trouble.


Do not go by its name because videos of various resolutions are available for download. But those who are looking for movies to watch on tablets and smartphones, you can also get a complete movie around 300 MB. The site is perfect of Indians as mostly Indian movies are uploaded regularly. Bengali, Gujarati, Cartoon, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telegu movies are available. Full HD movies are also available and even the popular TV shows are up for download. Even there are special movies for adults to enjoy when no one is around which makes it all the more interesting site to bookmark instantly.

My Download Tube

When you open the site, you may feel weird because of the fact that no banners of the movies will available and you may be under the impression that the site has not loaded. But that is exactly how the site looks and the reason you should bookmark it is because it lets you download the latest and old movies faster than most of the websites and even the streaming speed is surprisingly high. Apart from movies, there are games that could be downloaded and there are different filters available to search the movies you are interested in.


Public Domain Torrents

As you all know that Torrent has been banned worldwide but this is a site that lets you download movies legally. The catch is the movies which are licensed as free, only those movies are available for download. You can get superhit movies after months once they become free. But the reason why you should download movies from this site is that it provides the same speed of download that Torrent used to provide and hence, it is only a matter of a few minutes to download a full movie. The movies are available in HD format and the categories of movies are quite vast.



Many of you underestimate the power of YouTube. Legally speaking, the latest movies may not be avail upfront. But there are many YouTubers, who upload them in CAM format and there stay available for a few days before they are taken down by YouTube. Furthermore, there are lots of movies available in good quality and full version. They may not be very recent but they will surely be on your list to watch. YouTube also has the option to download the movies and you will get all the different types of movies from different genres and regional ones.


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