What Is Mini Militia Malayalam Version And How To Download?

Mini militia Malayalam is the perfect choice of game to spend your leisure time in the most exciting way with your friends or colleagues. Multiplayer mode is probably one of the best features that only a few games offer. With the flawless optimization in the connectivity, graphics and controls you can experience the best action gaming experience with your friends. Moreover, there are many graphics settings from which you can choose to fight with your friends. 

Not only multiplayer, but even arcade mode also provides the best gaming experience where you have to kill robots coming from everywhere with the same guns( sniper, pistol, machine gun etc), rocket launchers and bombs that are available in multiplayer mode. This mode is also the best platform to improve your skills in aiming, changing guns or using different bombs at different places. If you are able to kill more enemies in less time in the practice mode then you can undoubtedly win with your friends easily. 

The best part is even with all these extreme action-packed features and options, it is available in play store with a size of below 50 mb which not only leaves more space of your ram and internal storage but also provides the same gaming experience as of large-sized games.

Developers in Kerala has redesigned the game and added some funny audio in the game in Malayalam. Developers have launched a Mini Militia Malayalam version. And it has got awesome gameplay since it is created with remixed and dubbed with funny voices. A user will definitely enjoy if a user knows Malayalam. 

Mini militia game is developed by Appsomniacs LLC and its developers are of Doodle Army Boot Camp and Doodle army. Mini militia has been quite popular since few months and it is played by most college students. Specifically in India doodle army 2 is commonly played in India.

How to Install Mini Militia In Malayalam Apk Version?

  • A user needs to make mini militia Malayalam version download.
  • User needs to uninstall the current version of mini militia by going to the settings→ Apps→ Mini Militia→ Uninstall.
  • User needs to open the download mini militia Malayalam game.
  • Bingo user has successfully installed mini militia Malayalam download version of Doodle Army 2.

Mini-Militia Android App Requirements

Mini-Militia requires an android version of above 3.0 for safe running. Some of the other requirements of Mini Militia are 

  • Location: for connecting the user with the nearest server while playing online.
  • Audio: For a play of theme music of Mini Militia Malayalam version.
  • Phone Status: it needs to be compatible with the device.
  • Internet Access: Needs for online gaming and Google play billing service.
  • Wi-Fi Access: May connect with other mobile hotspots.
  • Prevent phone from sleeping: needs for seamless gaming.

Mini militia Malayalam Version Tips And Tricks To Rank Well

If a user is a newbie and if the user needs to rank well in mini militia game, the user should follow the tips and tricks given below so the user may become pro in mini-militia. 

  • User should not straight away combat with the pro players who have got high scores already.
  • User should not use the weapons while has got less power(like pistol).
  • User should try to reload the guns and keep it fully loaded before user battle with a new one.
  • User needs to keep blue bar full whenever possible, so the user may escape during attacks easily. 
  • User should not be stuck in the middle where two others are already on the attack.
  • If the health of the user is less commit suicide so that the opponents won’t get the points. 
  • If a bomb is thrown towards user then the user needs to sit down so it will have less effect on the health.
  • User needs to place the green grenades in the respawning areas so that the opponent will get killed automatically when he respawn.
  • User needs to try the shotguns, snipers and rocket launchers. 
  • User should make use of the double guns wisely.

Basically, mini militia Malayalam download is a multiplayer army shooting game. User may combat with a number of players on local Wi-Fi hotspot. User may shoot with various guns during battle. If a user is shooting game addict then Mini Militia is the best choice.


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