Make Your Mac Smarter- Best Timesavers You Can Rely On

Make Your Mac Smarter- Best Timesavers You Can Rely On

The premium look and brand value of Mac is not the only reason for the popularity of these devices. A powerful, intuitive and user-friendly OS is another selling point that you cannot ignore. But if you really want to get the best from your Mac, you must know all about the smart productivity-boosting features it offers. Here are some timesavers that Mac users can rely on.  

Change system settings with Siri

Time and again, you may need to change the system settings for some reason. Using Siri lets you do it easily with voice commands, rather than by going through the System Preferences menus for finding the settings. All you need to do is just activate Siri and speak the action you want to be completed. Whether you want to turn on Bluetooth or increase brightness, Siri will do it in minutes and you wouldn’t have to do anything at all. 

Sign things with Trackpad

One of the best features of Mac is its trackpad, which lets you do a lot more than you can expect. You can use it to sign PDFs within Preview, which can save a lot of time in tight schedules. This can be done with some easy steps, by opening the PDF to be signed and clicking on the toolbox icon in the Preview toolbar. Click the signature icon, select the Trackpad tab, and click Create Signature. Selecting the signature from the menu and dragging it to the right place is all you need to do to complete the task. 

Quickly free up space

A cluttered Mac wouldn’t deliver the expected performance and you will have to struggle with slow speed. First things first, you need to be careful about avoiding duplicates and clearing files and apps you don’t need. Additionally, some built-in tools let you resolve space concerns. You even have some reliable apps that can help you free up space on Mac quickly and without work. Keeping the system optimized can help you save time and get the best performance from the system. 

Save battery

Having a device with a battery that lasts is always advantageous from a time-savings perspective. With Mac, you can easily find out the apps draining the device battery and cut down on them for running it longer without charging again. The macOS Sierra even gives a warning if the display brightness is too high and affecting the battery. This gives you a cue to make requisite adjustments in settings for saving battery life.

Copy and paste between devices

Amazingly, Mac even lets you copy and paste between devices so that you can save plenty of time when working on multiple devices simultaneously. The Universal Clipboard enables cutting and copying items on Mac devices and pasting them onto other devices. Whether it is text, images, and videos, you can copy and paste between devices without even using email or AirDrop. 

Saving time on Mac is easier than you think, provided that you know the right tricks and tools. Just follow these simple measures and see the difference! 

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