Latest Trends in Online Store Programming

For an online store to work well, you need to ensure that it works well for both components – from the functional and visual side. Keep your finger on the pulse and follow all the news that appears on the market, and nothing important will escape your attention.

Cutting PSD to HTML is the basis!

We assume that your store’s website is well programmed, i.e. cut from PSD to HTML. This is a very important procedure because it allows you to attach to each element of HTML links URL, optimize the page from every possible angle, and also makes it easier to make changes to the navigation of the page if you have such a need.

Remember to check technological innovations

Make sure your sales tools are flexible. The e-commerce industry is constantly evolving, so tools change and new functionalities are added, remember that adding new tools to your store should be your mandatory update.

The database is an important thing

Each e-commerce store must have its database. It applies to both products and customer information. The skillful use of such databases will allow you not only to meet the needs of your customers, it will allow you to skillfully create specific needs! Choose a database that will work quickly, flexibly and efficiently. NoSQL databases allow you to seamlessly customize and extend your existing store database.

Docker – a smart e-commerce tool

The online store needs the cooperation of many applications. For your convenience you can use the Docker tool, which allows you to run many applications on one device. Applications will be fired in separate containers, but will run simultaneously, which allows you to save on equipment and optimize work. Using this device will easily update your online store and you will do it simply: download a new image, copy the settings and install a new container. Nothing easier!

Set up payment system

Besides, you need to be sure that your store has a well-configured payment system. For your potential customer, the convenience of using the services of your store is very important. If he will not be able to pay by bank transfer or the payment method is not adapted to his needs, he will certainly not stop at your shop and certainly will not think of repeat purchases.

Data analysis and marketing automation

If you want to influence the development of your e-commerce store, it is high time you thought about marketing automation and good data analysis. Do not be discouraged if you run a small store, even then it is worth implementing these useful tools, because thanks to them you will increase the chance of expanding your store.

In-depth analysis of customer behavior will help you better understand their needs and meet their expectations. You can check which places customer enters most often, what they search for, what they click on. Based on his behavior you can deduce a lot and you can prepare for them a personalized newsletter or a list of products that may interest them.

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