Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO is a term which has been heard by almost everyone in the market but is fully understood by only a few. SEO is an essential part of digital marketing. It provides the standing to the website in the market, with SEO one can easily understand at what stage their website is. SEO decides the traffic of your website and the visibility of your website in the market.

Digital Marketing is a place where not just the sales or purchase happens, this place is a place of social interaction, promotion, consumer exposure, etc. In digital marketing the process of marketing, be it shopping or doing business, happens with the help of technology, such as mobile, computer, TV, radio, etc. And as the era of technology, everyone wants to do everything with just the one-click, due to which digital marketing is evolving at a very high pace.

There are two methods on which SEO works

  1. a) On-Page SEO:-Any direct work is done to increase the visibility of the page and to increase the rank of the page comes under the On-Page SEO. The work done in this method is always appreciated by Google which in the end gives you the results as per your wishes.
  2. b) Off-Page SEO:- The work which is done indirectly to improve the ranking of the page in the market is considered as the Off-Page SEO. These works are not illegal but are not in the guideline of Google.

Why should we use SEO in Digital Marketing?

1.)     SEO is considered a more reliable source to work with rather than others.

2.)     SEO is more money-saving technique than other techniques such as PC and other techniques of marketing?

3.)     SEO bring more traffic if it works by following every tip and guideline provided by Google’s Guidelines.

4.)     Mobile SEO is an important part of digital marketing. With this mobile SEO even is considered as a top priority by Google when it comes to consider SEOs. They definitely improve the standing of the website.

5.)     If the SEO is used properly and implied properly than there is no looking back for the business and the website will be on the top of the results.

6.)     The SEO helps to collect the RIO, which means the high ranking and this result in the more visitors at your site. And that means the more business.

How important is SEO for Digital Marketing?

In Digital Marketing having a rank is the key to success and for that one should hire a trusted SEO company to get the desired results. To work with SEO one has to keep patience, as it takes time to have the best results but when these results comes they last longer than the expectations even. There are many factors that affect SEO.

Some of the factors which make the SEO and important part in digital marketing:-

1.)     The first and foremost factor that affects the importance of SEO in digital marketing is that the user will always prefer the website which has higher rankings in the results. Or which are on top of the results searches.

2.)     SEO allows the user to have their own experience and works on those experiences to make the website more user-friendly.

3.)     The social promotions and ads also affect the place of the website, many a time a user comes to the website after watching the ad, or promotional video or post on the social site.

4.)     SEO increases the visitors and clients to the website. And as user believes in search engines, they also believe that the website that is in the top results of the SEO they are trustworthy and thus ultimately increases the business.

So if we say that without SEO digital marketing is someone without soul that we are not wrong. As SEO is the one thing that makes digital marketing survives and works properly. A SEO specialist from Spiderorbit Technologies suggests that “Its motto to provide users with best in the market will always push the marketer to work more hard to have in the top of SEOs.” And with the continuous improvements and advancement, it is walking with the technology hands in hand.

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