HR Management Tools To Fill Any Position with Desired Candidate

HR Management Tools To Fill Any Position with Desired Candidate

Hiring talented candidates is crucial for any organization’s success, be it a start-up or a well-established one. We must agree upon the fact that the recruiting process is not an uncomplicated task for the HRs. 

I have seen many recruiting professionals with stress raised significantly.

Even in a recession, it can not be easy to fill specific job types; hence recruiters have to make crucial decisions that include whom to target, how to target, what message to convey, etc., to fill the opening as early as possible.

And during this pandemic, where many are worried about losing jobs or getting new opportunities, it’s scary to be a recruiter. Because when there are more applicants, it gets more complex for the recruiting team to find the best.

When HR fails to correctly carry out the recruitment process, they produce unqualified job applicants who lack the required skills. 

The recruitment process involves identifying who should be targeted, Reaching targeted individuals, Determining the best time for recruitment, Designing a recruitment message, etc.

Of all these steps, finding the right candidate profile isn’t an arduous task. The challenging phase lies in reaching that candidate! And When you successfully reach out to the right candidate, the rest of the steps will fall in place.

How have you been reaching out to the desired candidates? And what has been your favorite approach?

I am sure you might have faced challenges too.

However, it doesn’t have to be so hard anymore. Instead, it could be much easier than you think when you incorporate the right tools in your recruiting process.

Yes, let me introduce the tools you can use to simplify your recruiting process. is a handy email extractor when you wish to contact desired candidates.

This email lookup tool uses big data and machine learning algorithms to generate email addresses even when it’s not available on any website, and you can get anyone’s email address instantly regardless of their location.

Unlike many email extractors that perform a type of site crawling to find the email addresses, learns the company’s formats, allowing it to scrape the user’s email address even when it’s not displayed anywhere publicly.

This tool’s unique selling point is that it is time-efficient and accurate to a great extent compared to the alternate email search tools.

Therefore, any email address is just a click away when you have handy.


LinkedIn has been cited as a highly effective way of recruiting talents by many employers. 

Though people can also use other social media platforms such as Facebook for different needs in the recruitment process, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn is way too professional and business-centric. 

Moreover, it is more related to recruiting, as candidates can highlight their skills, expertise, resume, etc., in the field. 

This platform is highly remembered by the recruiters when sourcing talents.

LinkedIn allows employers to create a company profile where they can share details about their products and services, highlight their career opportunities, work culture. Employers keep posting such pieces of information to encourage LinkedIn users to follow their company and stay connected.

You can use LinkedIn’s InMails to reach out to qualified candidates personally. InMail is the most recommended feature for recruiters. Besides this, you have options like Job postings, sponsored jobs.

In case you wish to reach out to the candidates through email and if it’s not available on their LinkedIn profile, comes to the rescue.

With the Chrome Extension, you can scrape the updated email address of any candidates from LinkedIn.

I hope, with this detail, you can make a more informed choice when deciding which tool to choose for your recruitment process.

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