How to Send and Receive A Fax Online Free Without a Fax Modem

How to Send and Receive A Fax Online Free Without a Fax Modem (Updated May 2020)

Today, traditional fax machines are no longer necessary for fax communication. Also, to fax, people no longer need a modem to send faxes from their computers thanks to online fax technology. 

Online fax technology provides a way for anyone with internet access to send and receive faxes. So, much of the traditional fax techniques that require fax machines and modems have been relegated to history. 

Online fax services allow users to send and receive faxes online. Some online fax services provide a free trial period that allows users to fax free of charge. In this article, we show you how to send and receive faxes online free without a fax modem. 

CocoFax – The best online fax solution 

According to Google Fax free, an online blog that catalogs all the reputable online fax services, CocoFax provides the best online fax service. By visiting this blog, you get to know how online fax services operate and all the requirements and reviews. It will even take you through the process step by step. 

As Google Fax Free notes, CocoFax is a big brand in online fax service with millions of users across the world. 

What’s more, CocoFax has gained the attention of major media outlets such as the New York Times. CocoFax is a reputable online fax brand. With CocoFax, you have three ways of faxing either via a web browser, email, or app. 

CocoFax according to Google Fax Free can send fax from mac without modem online. With CocoFax, you are not limited by the platform you are using. The fax service allows you to fax remotely via any web browser. 

What’s more CocoFax gives you 30 days of free trial after sign up. Also, you get to choose a custom fax number at no extra cost. During the first 30 days, CocoFax will allow you to send and receive faxes online free of charge. 


Cool features from CocoFax 

  1. Lifetime storage 

CocoFax, unlike most online fax services, does not limit the number of faxes it can archive. Rather, it automatically archives all the faxes online on its server to make it easy for users to access them. 

This provides a neat way of storing and accessing all your faxes online. The faxes organized such that all sent faxes are in the sent folder and received faxes in the inbox. Also, there is a folder for draft faxes that haven’t been sent. 

So, provided you continue using CocoFax, all your faxes will be accessible online. 


  1. Safe and secure

With CocoFax, all faxes are encrypted to protect them against any unauthorized access during transmission. This online fax service uses the latest security protocols to keep all your fax communications secure. 

  1. Fast and Reliable 

CocoFax is an online fax service that transmits all your faxes instantly. Besides, CocoFax sends you a notification to let you know if the sent fax was successful or not. Also, with CocoFax, you get a notification for each incoming fax. 

This way, you will always know if your fax was sent or if you have received a fax. 

How to send and receive a fax online free without a modem using CocoFax 

As was already indicated, CocoFax provides you different ways of sending and receive faxes online. Here are the steps involved. 

Step 1: Visit the official CocoFax website and sign up for the service. Here, CocoFax will give you 30 days of free trial and a fax number. 

Step 2: After signing up, log in to your CocoFax dashboard and click the New Fax button to create new fax. A new window will pop up. 

Step 3: In the new window, fill in the necessary details. Within the ‘To’ field provide the fax number of the recipient. For a note at the top of the fax, fill in the ‘Subject’ field. 

If you want to include a cover page in your fax, fill in the body section of the pop-up window. Also, CocoFax allows you to attach files such as .png, .jpg, pdf, .doc and .xls. You can attach multiple files CocoFax will merge them during transmission. 

Step 4: When you are done, crosscheck if the fax captures all the details you want. After establishing everything is okay, click the ‘Send’ button.  CocoFax will instantly transmit your fax to the recipient. 

You will then receive a notification indicating if the fax was sent successfully or not. 

Receiving faxes: CocoFax makes it a lot easier to receive faxes. To do, once you get a notification of incoming fax, log in to your CocoFax dashboard. In the dashboard, open the inbox folder to access the new fax. 

Also, CocoFax sends a copy of the received fax in pdf format to your registered email address. So, you can access fax via email or your CocoFax dashboard. 


Thanks to online fax services, you can now send and receive faxes online. Some online fax service providers like CocoFax give you a free trial period. During this period, you can send faxes free online without a fax modem. 

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