How to See Other Peoples Snapchat History (Ultimate Solution)

Applications like Snapchat have given us a unique way to link up with others. One can connect with friends by sending and receiving texts, or even better, photographs using the various filters. Not only that, the application also enables you to track their location using its Snap Map feature. 

Giants like Snapchat spend a lot on rapidly improving their security measures. As such, for any reason, if you’d need to check someone else’s Snapchat messages and history, it would be extremely difficult, right? After all it would need you to break into their Snapchat account which would be next to impossible.

Or would it be?

Well actually, checking someone else’s Snapchat history is very much possible. It all narrows down to using the right spyware for the task. And in this post, we’re introducing you to one such application.

Part 1: How to spy on someone’s Snapchat

There are loads of spy solutions out there, but not all are reliable and secure. In fact, most of them are just disguised viruses made with the sole intent of stealing your personal data. 

Since, you cannot just randomly pick out any spyware because you’re dealing with someone’s sensitive information that they might have shared over Snapchat. You’d need an application that can let you achieve the task without exposing the user’s personal data.

In our opinion, the most covert and secure spyware in the market today that’s capable of tricking even a giant like Snapchat, is Spyier. Check out how to see others’ Snapchat history with Spyier.

1.1: Spyier – The Most Capable Spyware

Spyier is a phone monitoring solution that lets users hack into any target iOS or Android device and peek into all activity that goes on in it. Not only that, the application also relays all information it observes to an online dashboard for the user to have a look at!

Spyier has a dedicated user base in more than 190 countries. The application has been featured by numerous giants like TheVerge, Forbes and Mac World, where each have rated it to be the best phone monitoring solution. 

One would obviously not want to put their trust or their money on a spyware which they had just found on the internet, right? But with the stats we’ve presented to you above, we’re sure that we’ve caught your attention. 

Now let’s try to explore some of the most attractive aspects of Spyier.

1.2 Spyier is like a kid sneaking out at night

Spyier is the most hidden phone spy application out there. It works in the background, without alerting the target about its presence or raising any red flags for the user to know that something’s off. 

The application has been designed by a team of expert developers, who have used cutting-edge technology to ensure that it is the best spyware out there. 

The iOS version of the application has the following to offer:

  • It is totally cloud-based
  • No installation or download is required on the target device
  • To get the application running, no jailbreak is required
  • Once set up, the data relayed from the target device can be accessed through an online dashboard using any browser of your choice. 

The Android version has the following to offer:

  • It needs mandatory installation only on the target device
  • The application is quite lightweight, a mere 2MB, meaning no extra space is required
  • It is a very easy to install, up and running in just 5 minutes
  • After installation, the app icon can be easily hidden from the application drawer
  • It does not store any of the user’s data on its servers ensuring optimum security and zero chances of data theft or leak

The key USP of Spyier is that it does not want you to dabble with your device at all. The app is very easy to work with, thanks to an intuitive Setup Wizard and interactive UI. Even people with no-tech expertise can use Spyier with ease. 

1.3: Spyier Is Worth Your Trust and Money

With the loads of features it has to offer, it’s hard to look for another phone spy solution which outdoes Spyier. 

  1. Dedicated Snapchat Hacking

With Spyier in tow, you can easily read other people’s Snapchat history, thanks to a dedicated Snapchat Spy panel in the dashboard. Additionally, the spyware comes with a unique keylogging functionality which lets you capture keystrokes used on the target device. Using those keystrokes you can figure out the passwords used to log into not just Snapchat but ANY social account your target uses.

  1. Myriad of features

In addition to continuous location tracking, you also get access to:

  • Target’s Call History with Timestamp – So that you know who your target has been in conversation with and when. 
  • Text messages – So that you can read exactly what conversations have happened between your target and their contacts; the spyware even fetches the texts which have been deleted from the device. 
  • Media files – Spyier grants you access to all the media files present on the device in addition to the ones from various social networking sites (in this case the files saved to the target’s Snap memories or to their previous Snap stories.)
  1. The best location tracker

Spyier keeps a tab on the target device’s location 24/7. It also provides users with advanced 3D street view to better understand where the target is headed to.

  1. Free live demo

To let users get a feel of its working, Spyier lets them take a no-signup free live demo. 

1.4: Steps to set up Spyier 

Step 1: Get yourself a free Spyier account; use your email id as the username. You will also need to pick out a suitable subscription plan according to the number of devices you wish to monitor. 

Step 2: Specify the target device’s operating system. To get the application on an iOS device all you require are the target’s iCloud credentials and you’re good to go.

In case of an Android target device, you will have to install the application on the target device. Download link and instructions will be sent to the email used during account creation. 

Step 3: The last step is when the application starts syncing with the target device. To initiate syncing, you will need to hit “Start” on the finish installation screen.

Once this is done, you will be redirected to your online dashboard which will display real-time data updates from the target device. Now you can pick the Snapchat Spy feature from the left-hand sidebar to look for the target’s Snapchat history.


We hope that with this post we have answered your question of “how to see other people’s Snapchat history”. In our opinion, Spyier can prove out to be a very handy application and can get your job done pretty easily without you having to hire a private eye.

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