How To Keep Data Safe in the Cloud

It is so easy to store everything we have in the cloud. From pictures to videos to documents and passwords, the ability to store it is literally at our fingertips every day. The cloud is a great option with an amazing number of benefits to it. However, as with anything, it has some risks. Visit and consider these ways to protect your data when saving it to the cloud.


This is a common security tip for just about everything you do. Make sure you have a strong and safe password. Do not write it down and do not use the same password for everything. I know this is exactly what many people do because they just cannot remember all those passwords. People also have a hard time thinking of a password. Password managers are a great tool to help you create strong passwords and keep them safe. Yes, you will need a password to access your passwords.


Two-factor authentication is another way to keep your data safe. This means in addition to needing a password to log in to an application or access a file, you also need a code to be sent to your device. You have a number listed on file and a code is sent to that number. This is another way to prove you are the correct person to access the data.

Deleted Files

Most cloud storage service providers have a trash can or recycle bin in their service. This allows you to hang on to deleted files for a while, just to make sure you really do not want them. This is a great feature when you get a little overzealous and delete something you should not have, but it is also a way that people can access data you thought was long gone. Make sure you really want to delete all the files in your recently deleted and then clear it out. You should do this on a regular basis.

Sharing Files

The ability to share files and folders with people is one of the great benefits of cloud storage. This makes you vulnerable to unwanted access to your data. Someone else may be able to find a link you intended for a specific person and is now able to access something sensitive. You can add passwords and expiration dates to the data you share with people. This gives a limited number of people limited time to access the data. Routinely check who is currently active on your account to share and take action to remove those with whom you no longer want to share.

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