How to Get More Leads

How to Get More Leads

If you are just starting your business, then it is crucial to know about some terms and definitions of basic names in management, promotion, B2B lead generation, and so on. Without the understanding of such processes you will not be able to create a successful company or will spend way too much money on experts that will help you to deal with that. There are certain blogs, schools and courses where you can find some information about that. The most important thing is to find the right one. It is a conversation for a different topic. The only thing that we can say is that you should do plenty of research before attending any paid courses or mentors. Here we will tell you where you can get acquainted with some starter info about such things and use it as a cheat sheet in the future. Belkins help center appointment setting can help you with that. In the given link you can find an answer of the unknown terms and get more educated about the topic. We will mention briefly about what is an appointment setting, what else you can find on the Belkins and what services this company can provide. 

Just a bit more about the names and ways

A lead is a person who actually wants to see what you offer to them, and pays attention to your company. This does not mean that they are going to buy something from you. But without leads you won’t be able to get clients. You can put some leads into the sales funnel, some of them will leave. 

B2B lead generation is a process where you can acquire new people who are interested in the services your company provides. There are several ways of generating new leads, such as:

  • Emailing – an old way of promoting your company. You get the contact information of possible leads and send some personalized messages. Of course, it is a tiring task especially if you are trying to attract more than 10 leads for once. That is why email marketers exist. You can read more about it and the Belkins team of email marketing experts who are ready to help you with the task. 
  • Google Ads – the advantage of using Google ads is that it has a specific mechanic aimed at finding and displaying the ad to your possible target audience. Thanks to the algorithm you will be able to find more leads in the shortest period of time. 
  • Referral program – is only suitable for those who have established positive relationships with clients. If people are happy enough with your services, you can ask them to help with the promotion. So, they will recommend your company to their friends or subscribers for a discount. 
  • Social media posts – creating posts on Facebook, Instagram, and so forth. The algorithm will find those who are likely to be interested in your posts. 

Lead generation will help you to understand what your target audience looks like, what they need and how to attract new clients. 

How does the appointment setting differ from lead generation? 

In lead generation you perform cold outreach. So, when you call or send email to a person, they don’t know about your company, but maybe are interested in your services. Appointment setting specialists enable you to contact people who have shown interest in your company for the first time. Set up appointments with people to learn more about your company, services, or products. In order to handle objections and rejections, appointment setters must know every detail about your company. The daily life of SDR (Sales Development Representative) is a research for information for cold email personalization, making calls, doing research and contacting companies on social media, so on.

But why is it important to call people from time to time reminding people about the services? With each call you maximize the chance of conversion. It will allow you to understand what makes people come back for your services and what exactly you should promote. 

  1. Appointment setters can identify your future customers. They can deal with the potential clients offering relevant services. 
  2. Appointment setters are meant to create a friendly atmosphere for each customer to discover their pain points. 
  3. With the first sentence appointment setters can prevent objections and rejections of the customer. This is because they have been doing that for years, so they already know the possible outcome while reading about your project.
  4. Appointment setters also send reminders and follow-ups. Even if the manager added a new meeting to the calendar, the person may not show up. Reminders will help to decrease this practice. 

Usually, SDR has plenty of other tasks to work on, so the issue with appointment setting stays unclosed. Also, SDR may not have those skills of persuasion and friendliness which are crucial in appointment setting. That is why you should think about hiring someone who will be dealing with the appointment setting only. Likewise, you can hire Belkins team of professional appointment setters which embrace around 5,000 tasks each month.

Where you can get an appointment setting services

It is a priority to get new clients, if you want your business to stay on the market. 

Appointment setting means that the person is probably ready to become a client. It is a final step in lead generation, after which you will know whether the client will be buying from you. 

You can hire a team of professional appointment setters and get more people to deal with your company’s promotion. Read the Belkins blog, the services that they provide and calculate the approximate cost of services with their pricing list. You can book a call or write an email and ask any question related and start work with Belkins company today. 


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