How to Determine If Your TV Spot Worked 

Sydney is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. This paradise that also serves as the state capital of New South Wales houses a lot of lush parks and public gardens. It also has a long stretch of coastline and sandy beaches. Aside from these scenic outdoor spots, locals and tourists may also enjoy hanging out in museums and historic forts. The city also has the famous Sydney Opera House, where plenty of events take place. 

But despite these exciting tourist attractions, plenty of Sydney residents still love to watch TV at home. According to a recent report, Australians spent 74 hours and 58 minutes in front of their TV sets from October to December 2017. 

Because of this, placing ads on TV remains one of the most effective marketing strategies among Australian businesses today. Companies invest in services offering TV Commercial Production in Sydney to help them come up with effective TV ads for their brand. 

If you plan to invest in TV advertising, here are the ways to assess if your ad provides successful results while airing on TV. 

Interview Your Target Market

You may conduct a short discussion with your potential buyers to check if your ads made an impact. Show them your ad spot during the meeting and talk to them about your presentation. Ask them if the TV ad managed to get its message across. 

The best way to do this would be to speak to a representative sample from your brand’s target audience. You can ask them direct questions or allow them to assess the image of your brand based on what they saw. When you do this, you will get an idea if the TV ad served its function. 

Assess the Ratings 

You can have the most entertaining ad made by the best company for TV Commercial Production in Sydney, but it will not work if no one watches it. Make sure that the ad that you invested a lot of your money on will air when many people spend time in front of their TV sets. Because of this, your media buyer must use a rating analysis to determine the number of people watching the program where your advertisement will air. 

Different regional and national ad tracking firms will release exact breakdowns of the demographics of your ad viewers. They will also let you know the socioeconomic percentage of the population who watched your ads. Aside from finding out if your TV ad succeeds in promoting your brand, it will also aid you in determining how much you should pay for your spot. Make sure to pick the right programs and channels that Sydney people usually watch to maximise your investment. 

Track Your Sales 

The best way to determine if your TV ad is useful is to check the sales of your company after the spot came out. Evaluate the sales trends of the product or services advertised on TV. If it showed a significant increase, it means that your ad was able to serve its purpose. Look closely at the day to day trends to find out the impact of your overall advertising campaign.  

Using TV ads is a time-tested way to boost your brand’s popularity. So aside from making sure that your ad is catchy and remarkable, find a way to reach as many viewers as possible to promote your products or services. Because of this, strategise your TV spot properly to get the most out of your advertisement budget.

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