How Technology Makes Parenting Easier

Technology has made so many aspects of life a whole lot easier, and that includes parenting. Millennial parents are the pioneers of smartphone parenting. The list of apps and internet services that streamline modern parenting is endless. All these technological advancements make it easy for parents to take care of their kids in a safer and less stressful manner.

Dr. Google is always there

Let’s admit the fact Google is our best friend. A few years back, mothers used to gather together to give their advice and discuss parenting issues with one another. Now parents can relate to the intense need for Google to ask their legitimate parenting questions. Technology has made this way easier for parents as now they just pull out their smartphones and consult Dr. Google for everything to get free and immediate answers.   

Baby gadgets

There are several baby gadgets available in the market that can make parenting easier. Baby cry analyzer helps determine why your baby is crying. It scales cry intensity, impact, and interval to determine the reason for your baby’s uneasiness. Then did you know there are devices like smart sleeper that combines motion and sound that calms your child back to sleep? Last but not the least in the baby department is the baby monitor, which is considered as an indispensable aid for modern parents. The latest models offer a two-way intercom, a remote temperature display, and a camera that can zoom in or pan the area.  

Education is handier

Another advantage of digital technology is it can fill your kids’ phones and tablets with educational content and tools. It is just like having a tutor in your pocket all the time. You can help your kids to access educational materials, letting kids explore science and literature more deeply. Further, parents do not have to worry about naughty kids who do not bring their report cards home. Technological advancement in education has made it possible for parents to log on and see all of what’s happening with their kids’ school assignments, and that’s from kindergarten up through high school.

Communication has never been easier

Remember a few years back maybe when you were in high school, it wasn’t easy for you to contact your parents. Now, you can send your kid a text, call them on Viber, or contact them o WhatsApp. One of the biggest benefits of having a phone in every pocket is that you and your family can be in touch, anytime anywhere.

You know where they are

Thanks to GPS and tracking apps, it has never been easier to monitor the real-time location of your kids. It is very common to use parental monitoring apps to set limits about where kids can go; if they wander outside those virtual boundaries, you get a notification.    

You know what they are doing 

Your kids can use technology for many activities like learning or practicing test papers as several educational apps can help your kid, but there are a few which can be more of a distraction. Thanks to technology, now you have several apps to monitor the digital activities of your minors. Setting controls on devices is helpful for parents in this technology-saturated era. Also, it is critical to strike the right balance of screen time and offer support when there is a problem. You can read their text messages, access their call logs, view installed apps, and check browser history discreetly.    

Apps, apps, and more apps

Let’s explore the world of applications. Social support plays an important role in encouraging especially first time parents with postpartum depression. It has become a widespread phenomenon for new mums. Technology allows parents to spend time with other parents who can relate to what you are going through and give invaluable advice in terms of parenting. There are several parental apps and platforms to help parents with such social groups. In general, the internet alone plays an important role in answering any queries about how to handle their babies. What is more, apps have made grocery shopping easier with online stores. Family organizer apps are there in the market that can help parents to keep them and their family completely organized.


You may have complicated feelings about technology; it is normal. Even as it makes our lives easier in some respects, it introduces many other issues. But technology has upsides, and it is important to embrace those. Kids reading more books, playing educational games, and being in touch is a great thing. When it comes to parental controls, the right tools can help you to manage and monitor their device usage. Lastly, take what works best for you and your family and try to maintain the right balance.     

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