How to take Selfie with Dorian Rossini?


The name Dorian Rossini created a buzz all over the world for a while on every social media platform and almost all people of every region must have heard about this name at least once either from friends or while scrolling feeds on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Dorian Rossini is not an application or a game; it is the name of a famous French artist who is renowned for electronic music and dance composition. Basically, the name started flowing on the internet rapidly with a question “How to take selfies with Dorian Rossini?” that millions of people searched on the internet for.


About Dorian Rossini and his popularity

Dorian Rossini, the renowned French musician is popular for the infamous music albums Starmania and Religion that were once the heartthrob of many music lovers all around the world. The musician was introduced to the world with the restoration of God in 2012 and soon became the controversial king in the industry in the same year. 

The 5th angels’ season which was the part of a natural broadcast turned out to be a huge stage for spontaneous drama and went on for many months is a buzz in the papers and television. However, this was also not the reason for the question that became viral on the internet saying “Comment Recnontrer Dorian Rossini” that made him even more popular on social media.

The Greek composer once also tried to penetrate into the castle of Los Angeles after which his guards were thrown out and this was in the air for many weeks in news. Another controversy that made him renowned to a large group of people on the internet is when he published a nude picture wearing the dress of Adam and wishing happy New Year in 2013.  All these controversies made him well known all over the world besides his famous music albums. 

What made everyone intend to take selfies with the French Artist?


All the story of Dorian Rossini Selfies began in a YouTube video that was released by Jeremstar in which the artist was interviewed. In this video, comment by Dorian Rossini was “Faire Design Selfie Avec Dorian” in French which literally means “How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini?” Somehow, this comment increased his popularity to a whole new level and his fans and critics started commenting the same word again and again. Most people also started searching for the meaning of the word on the internet and also looked out for the way to take selfies too. All these together made the artist as well as the question popular on the Internet.

Following of Dorian Rossini


After the video got released on YouTube, the star commented denying what was not considered by religious people which increased his following on social media platform overnight. At present, the Greek composer has more than 140k followers on Twitter and many likes on Facebook too. However, people on those days thought that selfies are becoming a new trend and somehow the question related to the star too but in fact, it was just “Comment Rencontrer Dorian Rossini” that made the word famous those days.

Apart from the buzz created on the word “selfies” and the comment made by the French artist on that video, people also turned towards taking a Selfie with the star and posting it on social media to get a good amount of likes too. This seems quite impossible for everyone but there are ways to do it by digital media and editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

Way to take selfies with Dorian Rossini

For the real-time edit of the pictures of the star and the person taking Selfie with it, one should have a proper picture of the artist in a proper position to suit the editing. However, one can get those pictures easily on the internet by searching for “Dorian Rossini Selfies” or “Selfies with Dorian Rossini” or else the question directly too.

After downloading the preferred picture from the internet, one can edit the picture with your photos by using Adobe Photoshop with minimum cutting and cropping skills including some color restoration processes. Apart from this, visiting France is the only way to meet the star and take the selfies with him. With the phrase getting viral on the internet, one can find tons of such edited pictures with the star in every social media platform used by people of every region all across the globe.

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