How Many People Can Watch Hulu Simultaneously?

How Many People Can Watch Hulu Simultaneously?

Do you love watching TV series? You are here for a reason and we know what it is! We live in a technologically advanced world and there is a fix for everything. Gone are those days when you had to wait for your favourite series on television. If you are working 9 to 5, you would probably miss your favourite series and sulk for the rest of the week. Thank god for Netflix which allows multiple streaming but hold that thought because we are going to tell you about a video on demand service called Hulu.

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This article will cover everything you need to know about Hulu. The main concern is whether you can watch Hulu on multiple devices and screens or not. How many people can watch Hulu simultaneously? How many streams are there in Hulu? We have covered all that and more in this article.

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About Hulu

Hulu was launched in America in the year 2008. The name has two meanings in Mandarin language. It means interactive recording or bottle gourd. Well, we will go with the first meaning because it has more relevance. The service is owned by Hulu LLC and it is basically a joint venture. The service aims to make TV series accessible for all. You can watch past episodes of your favourite TV series without any interruption. The service is available in English, Korean, Portuguese and Japanese. The headquarter of the company is in Los Angeles in the United States of America.

The Real Deal

How many screens are offered by Hulu? On December 2016, Hulu announced that the users can create up to 6 profiles and watch their favourite TV shows without any interruption and according to their personal taste. However, you cannot watch your favourite series on multiple screens with Hulu Plus.

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Let us take the example of your sister watching Friends and you wish to watch Family Guy. You will not be able to enjoy your favourite show because your elder sister is busy watching Friends. You cannot open multiple screens with Hulu Plus. The Hulu Plus plan is not built for pleasing two people.

As a Hulu subscriber, you must know that it offers two types of subscriptions. One is the video on demand service which is without any commercials. The other one allows you to watch the TV series LIVE. You have to shell out a mere $40 to upgrade and get the LIVE plan.

Do NOT lose hope!

How about shelling out $40 from your pocket and enjoying LIVE Hulu TV? You can watch all the popular TV channels on your device LIVE. The good news is that with LIVE Hulu TV, you will get the added features of multiple screens and enhanced DVR.

The total cost of Live TV including multiple screens is $54.98.

$39.99 (LIVE TV) + $14.99 (Multiple screens) = $54.98

This is not a huge amount to pay to watch your all-time favourite series!

Can You Watch Your Favourite TV shows on Multiple Devices?

Yes, it is possible to watch your favourite TV shows on multiple devices through Hulu. Hulu Plus users can take advantage of this feature. For instance, if you started watching a series on your mobile, you can finish it on your laptop through Hulu. Officially, you can watch the series on one device but the Hulu Plus plan allows you to watch it on multiple devices. It is advisable not to share your password with everyone as that could lead to a criminal offence.

You can opt for the LIVE TV plan and upgrade to unlimited screens. This will be a great benefit for you because you will be able to watch all your favourite shows.

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Words from the Wise

Now that you know that Hulu works on multiple screens, you should upgrade to Hulu LIVE TV. It is not expensive and does not burn a hole in your pocket. Imagine the number of series you can watch through HULU! It is an added advantage and you should consider yourself lucky to be watching it on multiple devices and screens. So, subscribe and prepare a big tub of popcorn. Your weekends will be sorted with Hulu LIVE TV.


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