How did Nomos Glashutte Watches Evolve?

The company was founded in 1990 by Roland Schwertner after the fall of the Berlin war. The company started by making hand-wound mechanical watches. Their first collection of manual mechanical watches were designed by Susanne Gunther who used German Bauhaus design. Nomos Company only manufactured manual watches until 2005, when they produced the very first Nomos watch, which was automatic.

Since 2005, the company has remained relevant in the industry. It is ranked among the best watch manufacturing companies in the world. Currently, it produces both automatic mechanical and manual-winding watches.

Company’s Employees

More than 260 employees initiated the company. Since its initiation, it has progressively improved and managed its various functional mechanisms in their products.

Contemporary, Nomos Glashutte Company has around 13 in house calibres possessing unique qualities. The motivation behind this is their determination and aspiration to manufacture classic watch designs which can give them a competitive edge over their competitors.

The company strives to gain brand loyalty in their customers. They also work to convince them that they are the largest and leading manufacturers of the best mechanical watches in Germany and across the globe.

Breakthroughs of Nomos Glashutte Company

In 2014, Nomos Glashutte Company celebrated its independence alongside Nomos swing system. This is a new system they developed which comprises of the company’s escapement. The system ensures that their mechanical watches work without relying on other external suppliers for the calibres of the observations.

What are the Watches Manufactured by Nomos?

  1. Nomos AHOI

This is the best watch for those people who love adventure. It is powerfully and impressively designed. This watch enhances your adventure experience, and it creates amusing memories. The clock is filled with a typical style and it is convenient for timekeeping.

The watch is suitable for sports lovers. It comes with everything that sports lovers wish to have in their watches. For instance, it can be used to track time. If you are a diver, then this is the best watch for you. You can have it held in your back using craws and crown guards. It is water-resistant. Therefore, it can allow you to dive up to 200 meters beneath.

The watch is further, superluminova-coated, this ensures that you can track your time while under dark waters through the use of its glowing hands. It also has a textile trap together with a beautiful design.

Unpretentious Nomos Club

Other watches from Nomos are regarded as official and others for sporting activities. Nomos club is unique, and it is designed in a way that it fits anyone. This implies that it can be used on various occasions.

Nomos club has extraordinary calibres made by Nomos’ top talents. The watch is available as an automatic mechanic watch or hand winding watch. This gives you an option to choose the one of your taste. Both of these watches are uniquely moulded to ensure your wrist is appealing, and authentic Nomos is ticking.

Nomos club is fitted with durable sapphire crystal glass alongside a stainless material steel case.

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