How Can You Run A Cross-Platform Campaign on Social Media?

There is no doubt that running a campaign is not an easy thing, but choosing the right platform to start your campaign is a real headache. For all the best results, you need to figure out the best network to run the campaign. Every social media platform does not exist with the same features, and it cannot treat your campaigns equally. You can quickly grow your business by analyzing the best combination of social media platforms for your campaigns that fits your brand. 

How Would You Run a Cross-Platform Social Media Campaign? 

Keep in mind that you can never post similar content on different platforms. Apart from that, you may have noticed that somebody copies a text and paste it on another platform as it is. Do you consider it an unethical act? When someone uses a hashtag approach on Facebook, it is definitely a non-professional thing. 

Key Points to Run Your Campaigns 

Each network has the potential to boost a particular content that suits best to it. Every social media network is enriched with unique features and options. 


To generate content that can blast your audience is much easier to know about your audience. According to some analysts, Facebook users tend to consider Storytelling content rather than watching ads consistently. So, make sure to find exclusive ways to drive your audience. Your content must be attractive on the Facebook platform. To grab the attention of your audience, you can even post videos.  


Instagram is a visual platform for everyone around the globe. You can share photos and videos to spread awareness about your brand. You can run different campaigns on this platform as it can provide remarkable results. 

While sharing content on Instagram, you need to consider some critical points in terms of content. The majority of people use Instagram from their mobile phones. So you ought to share your content that is mobile friendly. It does not need any complicated steps for this purpose.  


Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter has an exclusive news feed for its users. Hence, Twitter has grown a lot more than before; still, this platform needs to cover a significant distance to reach the peak level. 

Twitter is a news-focused platform that provides quick action. It shows that you must be attentive to the content that is being shared on the campaigns. The Twitter audience responds often, and for clarifying doubts, users find it helpful and post their direct information. 

You can Tweet the key points of your message together with a date, topic, and time. It is necessary if you are planning to promote a campaign for some random topic. With social cards, you can simply allow your brand to share crucial data in a most attractive way. Furthermore, GIFs and other phots can help users to interact with Twitter. 

Final Words 

No doubt, running a cross-platform social media campaign is a tricky thing. However, with some obvious and useful tips, you can get success.  

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