How AI Improves Marketing and Sales?

Lot of things in the Internet prove us that artificial intelligence, in short AI, has grown into our reality. For example website which let us try accessories online, ads customized to the preferences of users or adapted to search and much, much more. This fact is changing traditional trade. What is mean and how to adapt marketing and sales to our new reality?

How currently sales looks like?

Almost 60% of people check the website or online store before they decide to buy. The importance of Internet and presence in it are growing. Companies without website maybe don’t be close to bankruptcy but they definitely don’t develop as fast as they could. Every modern company takes care about online image, by building relations with customers, increasingly based on personalization. How? Companies use artificial intelligence to research what their potential clients like and feel or what they are interested in.

How to use customer information?

If you have a system to collect customer information, you are halfway to success. The rest is a good plan and action. You can use this in communicate with potential clients, to creating blog articles, posts on social media and in paid solution like ads on Google and Facebook. Knowledge about the customers is necessary to not waste money. You can also save money replacing old solution with new technology. The best example is customer service. You don’t need any more call center. You can create your own thing to serve clients.

Revolution in customer service

Specialists predict big changes in customer service this year. Mainly because of new technology becoming more and more popular. Talking about creating bots. There are two types: chatbot and voicebot, which are based on AI. It is used by marketers and business owners to help in customer service. They make a bot on website or Facebook fanpage in connection with a special platform enabling this. The bot’s task is to answer user questions. People write to company and ask about new offers, products, discounts and any problems with their account or order. Making a good chatbot solve all of these problems without person.

The benefits for marketers of having a chatbot

The main benefit is satisfied customer for a low price. If you have a business you won’t need a person responsible for contact with clients. You can use chatbot creator, make a bot and it will respond for every customer question. It’s a big comfort for you. You can join the conversation any time or redirect a specific group of questions to the moderator. It could be you or any other person in your company who can solve complex customers problems.

Satisfied customers is returning customers

Take care about your clients is the best investment for your business. People like checked stores especially online, because they have limited trust in the Internet. If the entire process from ordering to get the product was good, more than likely that people return to your shop. This is why you have to care about them. Show them how important are they and help with any problem as fast as you can. You can do it alone, but remember – it’s so much easier if you use chatbot creator. Then you will be able to take care of things more important for you and your business.

How AI is helping transform Social Media Marketing

In the world of social media, AI is playing a leading role, when it comes to automating customer interaction through forms, chat messages, automated responses and data analytics. Some of the best social media companies Dubai also use AI software to get the best results from their social media performance. AI is critical for social media marketing experts as it helps understand user preferences, interests, and create better targeting for ads. If your social media agency is using AI to power your social media performance, you will definitely be a step up from your competitors. AI can also help create the best content for your social media pages.

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