Gather All The Knowledge Beforehand Buying Android TV

Turning an LCD TV into smart TV becomes an effortless task. For that, you can utilize the Chromecast from Google as well as the variety of similar devices to add the ability to stream the content from the phone, computer, or other LCD TV. 

In fact, Android TV is also smart TV, but there is a difference that they work on the Android operating system with Droid TV. You can get access to the host of the applications that are easily downloadable from the Play Store. They come, including playing music, Netflix, play movies, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, and more. However, before going ahead with the purchase decision of an Android interface TV, it is essential to look at certain factors. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Output resolution

Android boxes are quite affordable, but not all of them have the required high-resolution output that you need. Some older models are quite cheaper and have the output of the only 720P. The resolution won’t give you high-quality media. The majority of the boxes you find in the market come with the 4K or 1080P output via HDMI. Besides, you must also keep in mind that comparing the output with solutions will give you the necessary streaming quality without issues. 

  1. OS versions

It’s essential to note that the operating system version is compatible for running many applications that are otherwise difficult to install in the outdated versions. Besides, there are often difficulties faced while installation of the box that is running on the Android 5.0 lollipop. 

  1. Performances and specifications 

The TV box support works similar to Android phones. They depend on the Arm cortex processes for the processing of power. There are certain popular boxes like the Droidbox T8-S and the Ebox Q-box using the Octa-Core processor that comes from Amlogic. It is then combined with the 2GB of RAM. The standard configuration is in the delivery of the smooth as well as fluid user experience. 

However, there are the best TV boxes that have an Octa-Core processor. Some of them also hold the bigger RAM and internal storage of 128 GB. The faster the processor and the bigger the RAM, the better is the translation of multitasking and media play performance in general. 

  1. More storage support

This is yet another point you should not forget while buying. The storage and the Random Access Memory are something that you should have in the TV box. The 2GB RAM works perfectly and makes a good option. If you want to download bigger files on the TV, then it’s worth going with the bigger storage box. The box should have a support of the 64GB Micro SD card. Also, you should make sure that the box supports Google Play. 

Final Verdict

So, you have come to know that there are several Android boxes in the market that require consideration of certain factors. The points mentioned above become the mandatory considerations before going ahead with the purchase decision. 

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