Top 10 Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2020

The freelancers looking forward to earning opportunities can access more options today than in the past. Whether it is full-time freelancing, an effort to make money, or freelancers that assist others to do work, there are few websites to check in 2020. Certain factors indeed contribute to making a website more lucrative for freelancers. For instance, the versatility and the types of jobs you can get through these websites and the availability of new opportunities are a couple of reasons to select a website. Another significant aspect is their inclination and promptness to pay the candidates that should determine your choice.

Typically, freelance websites serve employers and candidates looking for work. Freelancing allows you to turn your hobby and talent into money-making opportunities. Moreover, you can begin your career with great vigor when you get work and acquire skills through freelancing. 

Here are ten freelancing websites where you can get work in 2020.


Toptal helps companies find top-grade freelancers from around the world, which constitutes about three percent of the top-tier freelancing taskforce. From designers to developers, product managers, financial experts, and project managers, companies can select from different segments of the workforce they require. Toptal hires industry experts who help match companies with freelancing professionals to ensure that both can fulfill their needs. Overall, the site provides the best opportunities for corporate hires and undergoes a strict screening process. 

LinkedIn ProFinder and LinkedIn

Irrespective of your field of work, you must have a profile on LinkedIn. In this site, you can post the types of roles you can manage and your work experience so far, making it a descriptive form of resume. The opportunity of making the skills searchable on LinkedIn makes your profile suitable for prospective employers and allows you to connect with people who may look forward to specific skills. LinkedIn ProFinder is one of LinkedIn’s features through which companies can locate the best profiles to deliver the service they need. Finally, searching for jobs on this site is easy, from full-time and part-time work to other remote options.

Simply Hired 

One of the reasons to choose Simply Hired is the opportunity to get jobs in the nearby locations. Furthermore, people can also get the list of the highest salaries and a tool that helps estimate the fees related to the work you do. From the website, you can create your resume and enhance your knowledge through their blogs.


Behance is one of those freelancing websites where you can get good work opportunities in the creative field, such as animation, web design, and illustrations. All you need to do is fill your profile with examples of the work you handle and get the opportunity to come to the forefront as our work features boldly. Furthermore, you can get higher exposure when your work gets recognition through featured projects. Besides, the site works as a social media platform through which you can connect with other designers. You can choose freelance work from its work sections. Even though you may not get numerous opportunities through this site, but a few posts you get on this site are highly-reputed.

People Per Hour

With over 1.5 million freelancers on People Per Hour, each worker has a rating that helps in promoting their profiles. Although the competition on this site, it is free for freelancers. However, you should always try to improve the profile on this site and set your fees correctly to enhance your hiring chances.


If you are trying to take your career as a designer forward, Dribble is the best place to be in, and it provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase your profile for the prospective employers. As a plethora of clients looks for talented designers on this site, you should compose an attractive bio to win over them.

The Creative Group

The Creative Group provides an opportunity for freelancers to find the jobs they want. You can upload your resume on this site or connect through LinkedIn. Once you get a suitable option, you can apply immediately.


Once you sign up for this website, you can search for jobs for writing, architecture, and web development.


You can find thousands of jobs, including seo freelancing, and check the vacancies every day. 


FlexJobs not only provides a platform for freelance work, but it encourages people to check jobs that are posted here from around the world.

As a freelancer, you can enjoy the flexibility of freelancing once you know which website to choose. You can create your career path and enjoy working through these freelancing websites.

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