How to Find Companies Looking for Custom Software Development?


Although modern eCommerce marketing has seen a steady trend of maximizing business process automation, multi-page sites, a good design developers firm such as the software development company GNS IT is still in demand and popular.

If you are considering creating your own web developer agency and do not know where to get your first clients, this article is for you. In it, we will give basic recommendations on the topic and tell you where you can find your first customers.

Where to Find Your First Clients for Custom Software Development

Search Among Friends

This is the traditional and most obvious piece of advice we can give you. The easiest way to find among friends is because these people know you, they trust you, and it will be easier for you to work with them. Sit down and think, do you have any familiar businessmen who have not yet had time to get their own website. And maybe someone from friends or relatives just plans to do entrepreneurship? Either way, you can be helpful to each other. Ask people from your environment and maybe this is how you will find your first clients to get your hands on a bit and make a custom software development of an app portfolio.

Go Around the Offices

You can also find clients in the offices, taking on the role of sales manager. At once we will note that this method is the most labor-consuming and, perhaps, not the most effective. But still. Try to go to the company offices located in your city and offer them your services. Just don’t go empty-handed and barely enthusiastic. First, make a business proposal and think that you can give it to your potential customers, which they still do not have.

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Word of Mouth

Passive customer engagement channel based on positive reviews about your work. If you make someone a site, and make it quality and/or inexpensive, this person can tell about you to your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. As a result, the rumor about the web studio will go away on its own, and customers will start looking for you.

Set up Contextual Advertising

There are no other places to look for site creation orders as quickly as you can with contextual advertising. Create a search engine of interest to you, sign up for ads, target your ads, refill your budget, and run. If done correctly, the first application will go on the same day. Just keep in mind that the result in this way you can only get the condition of normal conversion of the site and the proper setup of the advertising campaign. Otherwise, there is a great risk of “draining” the budget.

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Attend a Couple of Themed Events

If you plan to conquer the site development market, you need to get into a professional hangout as soon as possible. Declare yourself, share with colleagues interesting cases, make a couple of new acquaintances. There are not only individuals but entire companies among web development clients. And there the average check is higher and the growth prospects are more significant.


Another online channel where orders can be found. If you have a site, and it certainly is, start engaging in SEO and optimization right now. First, being in the first position in issuing a number of niche requests, you will be able to collect a large amount of traffic. Second, clients have a trusting attitude towards those web studios that have been able to promote at least their site in the top. Third, search engine promotion is a long-term investment, and the money invested now will bear fruit for many more years.

And most importantly. Think not about how to find orders, but how best to execute them. Work for conscience, create quality websites, and success will not take long.

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